Connect Cthulhu to both PS3 & MAME PC

Hi Guys,

Pretty straight forward, I’m putting my wood work skill to test and I am building a very custom, what I like to call Half Vewlix with LCD Wall mounted. Also will have a few options that will make it alot more practical.

My question is… I want both my PS3 & MAME PC to recognise my P1 controls which ever is being used even when connected at the same time and have them work flawlessly. How can I do this, the most reliable way?

Since my Vewlix will have a storage comparment for both a PS3 and MAME PC. Also will have a HDMI selector with remote built in for easy switching. Not giving everything away now… will show and tell later.

Last question will I need 2x Cthulhu boards for a 2 player panel, Im happy to do that but really want to have both able to connect to both without having to open cab and switch USB to one or the other.

Thanks guys :smokin:

USB specs allow one and only one master. You’d need some sort of hardwired four line switch, like like old ‘two printers on a printer port’ kind.

Something like these:
USB Sharing

How about if I got a 2 port TO 1 port USB splitter? if they exist.

I dont necessarily need to have them on at the same time but a buttonless switch between the devices would be preffered.

Dont make fun of my amatuer picture, im at work :slight_smile:

Also will I need 2 Cthulhu’s for 2 players?

Thanks Toodles

put a switch in the “usb splitter” to switch between pc and ps3.
problem solved.

I guess it has to be a switch, so theres no auto-detect on the fly switching - it has to be a manual switch, great :frowning:

I’m interested in doing the same thing. I found this one. It says that it is auto-detect. I’m not sure how well it will work though. - IOGEAR GUB211 USB 2.0 Printer Auto Sharing Switch

Considering the customer reviews are talking about drivers and it is designed as a printer switch I highly doubt it’ll work at all. Just suck it up and wire in a four pole dual throw switch and be done with it.

Or how about using two Cthulhu’s wired in parallell, like any other multi-PCB setup? Not sure how healthy it is for the USB ports though with interference from the other computer/console…

Reviews are pretty clear that it requires drivers on teh computers; translation, no workie for this purpose.

There is one other option I should at least mention; the upside is that once wired, no switching needed, works regardless of which system is on (or even both on), and even would control both simultaneously. Downside is cost because it’d require one Cthulhu per person per system = 4 Cthulhus total, and a hojillion diodes.

Err, yeah, that’d be easier. Lots easier. Sorry I didnt think of that, but I forgot I already have power diodes on the Cthulhus.

Damn psychic Swedes beating me to it on both points :slight_smile:

Yeah, I probably should have checked the reviews first. I saw the first one that said auto and jumped the shark. The only reason I would like one with out a switch is because I am very lazy and not experienced with soldering. Not sure if he is in the same lazy boat as I.