Connect game systems to PC Monitor?

I have a Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii that I want to connect to my pc monitor. Wondering what the best solutions are???

  • The PC monitor only has DVI and VGA inputs. It is 24inch with 1920x1440 resolution.

  • The PS2 and WII both have component output cables.

Thank you!

**Game System to Monitor
**I found the XCM 1080p VGA box. It will connect PS2/PS3/360/PSP directly to the monitor. Thats nice but its pricey at $69.99!

Game System to PC
If $70 is the price range, then maybe i should consider a capture card. I’m hoping there are a few combovid makers here with a good Game System to PC solution. (Edit: Seems like lag would be a problem)

I was originally hoping for a solution in the $20 price range but it looks like it will be a little more expensive than that :shake:

^ that probably lags…maybe someone else can confirm that. - this is a “true vga box” meaning its not a upscan convertor and wont work with most of your ps2 games because they dont output vga. this is great for wii,xbox,ps3,xbox360 though.

or get an upscan converter but them shits are pretty expensive(at least good once). Id recommend xrgb2.

Theres the K-world Gamer 1920, comes with special cables to specifically hook up your Wii and PS2 to it and it outputs to a monitor at the resolution you set it at (via VGA) but I don’t know if it lags as I haven’t had a need for it.

external upscalers like HD Box Pro, XRGB2+ etc… are good

PS2 also has the HDTV Player software by xploder that’ll internally upscale the games to various pre-set resolutions (640by 480 up to 12xx by 10xx and various screen refreshes too)

PS2 you can make a very simple component->VGA adapter and set the system video out setting to RGB, however this only works on
a) Monitors that support Sync-on-green
b) Games that support 480p

There are VGA cables for sale for the Wii. The reviews I’ve seen have been pretty positive. I’m trying to get a hold of one to test myself (to make it look better on a digital projector)

Just get the HDBOXPRO like shinjigohan recommended. I have one and his been one of the best investments that I’ve ever made. Reason being that it upscales the image to whatever resolution that monitor supports, and you know how monitors tend to have those funny resolutions like 1680x1050.

I’ve been thinking about the HDBOXPRO for a while. Has anyone done any lag tests on it?

Ive brought it to get togethers running 3s and the guys have said they dont feel any lag. I even saw one of the guys parrying a super.

Try this. Lots of people use it for Guitar Hero, so it must be pretty good.

Do these work with laptop PC’s?