Connecting 2 SAII's



So there was this connecting 2 SA2s thread that got deleted, just thought I’d post that you can connect two abare’s if the first one corners your opponent just by hitting the second one before they land.The timing is a little tricky though I’d suggest doing the second abare just as your opponent begins to fall back down from the first abare.

SA2, SA2 xx axe, fp hayate, fp hayate. does 109 points of damage on Ryu. The second hit of the second abare will whiff, but I think you can hit it on bigger characters.


nevermind just takes some careful timing.


don’t worry about hitting with 2 SAs. use 1 SA and stun. land and taunt, then SA again. they’re dead.


What does her taunt do and what qualifies it as a taunt?

I read that three taunts is 30% larger stun bar (takes longer to stun makoto)… Is this correct? By three what qualifies as three? Like when she does it one direction then again that direction then turns and the other direction is that three? Is it just start and stop the first part of it three times? What qualifies it as three?

And how does this mean a pretty instant death with saII?


the first part of the taunt makes her next attack more powerful, the second part makes her next attack even more poerful, (like 150% more powerful), I don’t know what the third part does.

However this does make for the sickest of all makoto combos which I’d like to name “EVIL’s, never gonna happen in a real match, but damn that’s a lot of damage combo”:

Level 2 Taunt, SAII, SAII, axe, fp hayate, c.rk. 144 damage.

You’d probably be better off just doing the stun combo to dizzy then doing a j.rk, s.fp xx ex hayate. That’s pretty much a death combo.


thats not possible.

I do have my own 100% combos with her and they are alot simpler than all that. Unfortunately I’m not sharing :smiley: But if you ask me in person to show you I will.


A: It is possible. I’ve tested it on Ryu, Alex, and Hugo, (Ryu just for the clean damage numbers.) It’s likely you can do it to most everyone except small characters.

B: If you’ve got these 100% combos, let’s hear them smart guy.


a: If you say so :rolleyes:

b: no. you can interpret that anyway you like.


just stun them and taunt. it’s not that hard to 100% with makoto. =/


this thread has gone off the topic, but I might as well do the same

1st IMO, i don’t even think you’ll need 2 SA II in one combo, and then there’s like…

with one grab, it’s pretty much stun on any character with a small reset near the end to get them to bar

2nd, if they are stunned, you can combo her taunt off of their stun into SA I…and it doesn’t damage scale, in fact, i believe it adds more damage


uh, why don’t you add to the discussion by posting your corner reset stun combo?

Also how did you go about stunning them if you’re using SA I?



i don’t think shortshortsuper was referring to Seichusen as the stunner, but either way, whether she’s using Abare or Seichusen, Makoto still deals a lot of stun. Just your run of the mill Karakusa -> HP -> EX Hayate does near 50% on the stun gauge. And, if you happened to be near your opponent’s corner, you can add a follow up to the EX Hayate thereby making for more opportunities to inflict more damage and stun (and also regaining some meter).

On to the topic.

One commonly used reset when you have 2 Abares stocked is the following:

Karakusa -> HP -> MK Abare Tosanami -> (super jump cancel) LK/MK Tsurugi -> dash -> standing MP (resets) -> HK Abare Tosanami -> dash -> MP/HP Fukiage -> (super jump cancel) HP/HK/HK Tsurugi

That probably will have most characters stunned or near stunned.

Another combo involving some sort of semi-reset:

Karakusa -> HP -> MK Abare Tosanami -> (dash) HP Fukiage (super jump cancel) -> jumping HK -> (land, then dash under) -> crouching LK -> LP Hayate

This will possibly stun a Shoto and any other character with a similar length stun bar.

note: The jumping HK -> (land, then dash under) crouching LK -> LP Hayate sequence can be replaced with a jumping LK -> (land) kara-Karakusa. At this point, you’ll be in position to land another super (if you have the meter).

Other sequences after an Abare include an early LK Tsurugi -> LP Fukiage -> (super jump cancel) -> jumping whatever -> proceed to reset with whatever


sorry i have trouble remembering her move names but please help if possible:

okay i finally can do the grab -> fierce -> (ex)dash

i’m still working on doing grab -> fierce -> sa2

I finally can do sa2 then dash forward and do ex dragonpunch … what should I be doing after that? Also I see some people say do a light dragonpunch — how does this work I can only seem to get the EX to land. I’m practicing against Ryu; I know size matter does that only work on the larger characters like Q, Dudley, Urien, and Alex? or how is it done?



Yeah, don’t use the EX Fukiage (dragonpunch). Stick to MP, it comes out faster than HP but has the same stun value. All i can suggest for you to connect with the other versions (other than the EX) is to either dash cancel faster after the last hit of her super or perform the Fukiage earlier than you already do. Btw, Fukiage after super connects on everyone, not just the big boys.


yeah you can dash right around the time her fist goes up after the last punch of the super.

after the DP, you can do c. rh (suppousedly most reliable), jumping rh (dosent seem to work on alex, maybe i suck) and ive seen jumping FP… I honestly dont know what does the most stun/damage, even though i usally use j. rh, then dash, karakusa after all that biz, just incase they arent stunned.

i also think you can do a k-rad ake kick after wards, but i am not good enough to connect it.



A kara-cancelled Tsurugi? Was that what you were referring to when you mentioned “k-rad axe kick,” haunts?

i wasn’t aware that Makoto could kara-Tsurugi. i do know that all her specials (on the ground) and supers can be kara-cancelled with LK, but if you were to kara-Tsurugi (assuming it’s possible) what would you use?

So yeah, can anyone confirm if kara-Tsurugi is possible???



im just saying jump up and hit them w/ an axe kick. i remeber seeing it somewhere (or maybe i read it), but I personally havent had any luck connecting it.



Ok. i thought that by you writing “k-rad” it was like, a stenography of sorts for the past tense of kara. The Tsurugi follow up is done pretty much like the Fukiage, except that you jump instead of dashing. So the instant Makoto connects with the last hit of Abare, do the super-jump motion (towards opponent) and you’ll rocket into the air. Just input the command for the special and you’ve got it made.


haxx0r talk gee.

and yes, i know.

what i am saying, is after the fukiage, jump up and do RH tsurugi.



HK Tsurugi’s good n’ all, but sometimes, it’s difficult to land because other characters go the opposite of where you expect. IMO, best thing to do is jumping HK or HP.