Connecting 3 hard drives(1 ata master with 1 ata slave,1 sata slave)system won't boot

I’m having a problem connecting 3 hard drives in my computer(2 ata,1 sata) I just want to put the sata drive as another slave but I can’t get it to work. My system won’t boot, I just get a black screen. I have tried connecting just 2 HDs and it will work(master sata,slave ata-master ata,slave sata) but 3 hard drives at the same time I can’t do it


Go into your BIOS and tell it not to boot from the SATA drive when one is connected. Most computers I’ve seen will try and boot from that by default even if there is a master drive elsewhere.

i have tried everything man, there are no problems in the bios, the jumpers are set to slave. It just won’t boot.

I give up

sata drives don’t use slave and master jumpers, that might be your problem. try putting the jumper on the sata drive on master, or not use it at all, and try again.