Connecting a 360 to both a projector and monitor


Hey guys I have a quick question to pose to you. A couple people in my community are trying to get a tournament going and I was wondering if anyone experienced with tournament set up had any suggestions on how to get the 360 display being played both on the station monitor and a projector effectively. I’ve heard talk that HDMI splitters can cause some latency though I assume this is for the projector and wouldn’t affect the station monitor right?


What about VGA?


The 360 I have has the AV cable port right above the HDMI port and plugging the AV cable in blocks the HDMI port for some reason. No idea why they would decide to design the system like that. However if I could get a thinner cable somehow or make it fit VGA should work fine then?


A powered HDMI splitter will not induce lag. They are used by nearly everyone who streams at tournaments, to split the signal off for the capture setup. Neither output of a powered splitter should have issues with latency.


Really? That makes things a lot easier, thank you.