Connecting consoles to 15khz monitor?

Looking at possibly picking up a cab that had a 15khz only monitor in the near future. I’d like to hook up some of my consoles to it (mostly DC, PS2, and 360), but was wondering what some good guides to doing so were. So far, it would seem like the simplest solution as far would be to use VGA with the DC and 360 hooked to a J-PAC, dunno what to do with PS2. Any suggestions on where to look?

I’m definitely no expert on the matter, but I know that you can buy little JAMMA rigs for quite a few systems, the Dreamcast and PS2 being the more popular ones.

Someone completely missed the point. He was talking about hooking the consoles up to the monitor, not putting in JAMMA converters for controllers.

Though it does look as if there are adapters on there for doing what I need to do, at least for DC and PS2.

Seriously though… Why would you want to hook up a console to an arcade monitor if you can’t make use of the controls? Besides, even if that’s all you wanted to do, those set-ups still achieve the initial goal of the OP.