Connecting Controllers/Fightsticks to Android phones?


Has anyone been able to do something like this? I know its possible to connect a xbox 360 controller, ps3 and Wii mote through the usb ports ( with an adapter from regular to micro ), so Can anyone think of a way to do this?


I’d think it’s mostly a matter of setting it up as a USB host.


Funny this was mentioned, thinking about using my TF300 tablet, emulators, and my fightstick. Impractical? Yeah, but fun!


Got the galaxy s3 a week ago… Bought usb otg cable and the first thing i did was hook my arcade stick up and play sf2… ill probably never really use it but kinda cool it works


I think that with the USB Teethering on android 2.2+ (or 2.3+ I don’t know for sure) this can be possible.
But I don’t know if there some kind of mapper for the pad.

Found this two interesting apps:

Hope that helps.


There’s a couple mapping apps out there that say they support HID joysticks on an OTG cable. It depends on the power output of the Android device, it’s OTG capabilities, and the stick itself. I’m currently awaiting an OTG cable for testing stuff on my Nexus 7; I’ll let you guys know what I find.


IIRC you can connect ps3 and wii via bluetooth, so pad hacked ps3 and classic-controllers could feasibly work that way.


I was more thinking connecting a fightstick say a chun tes through. Sub otg then using it as a controller. I know you can connect multiple ps3 pads to a galaxy s3 ( thIs what I have ) I think there’s a cps2 emulater … with super turbo :). Portable practice.

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I’m curious if anyone has a setup that works for the emulators. Not the ideal setup but I’d like to hook up my stick to my Galaxy Nexus to play Third Strike. Just haven’t invested in otg cable yet, not knowing if this works.


Yes. Well sort of…
Depending on the BlueTooth technology ( that’s how the Wii controllers connect ) your phone uses ( Samsung has their own that does not play well with others) you can in fact use the “Wii Mote App” to very smoothly operate a Wii controller with most emulators that you happen to run on your phone or tablet (unless it’s made by Samsung ). Sooo, by extension an Arcade stick that fixes itself to the Wii mote (like the one MadCatz makes) should work.
There are always exceptions so yeah there is the "sort of."
Here is a good example using an I-pad, but the concept is the same:[media=youtube]bETg-HU6nsY[/media]


I currently use the sixaxis app flawlessly on my sgs2 and sfIII is a blast on tigermame. I would imagine that if you used ps3 wireles stick that would work. Better yet make a custom stick using a sixaxis controller and tada…

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Sixaxis stick project sounds like fun! Might have to try that one day. But I’m wanting a wired usb solution for now.


It’s pretty awesome how Android just accepts all these controllers without bitching about drivers. HEY WINDOWS

If you guys don’t have the emulators, anything by yongzh on SlideME is amazing; he made the best Android emulators out there, but got kicked off the official market for licensing reasons.


So im doing this i’ll let you know how it works when im done

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But Sixaxis isn’t common ground… how’ve you got that set up?


Or at least that was the idea. That particular project is very hard. I just bought a third party controller. I’m hoping it’s a little easier to solder.
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I wouldn’t hold my breath on ever seeing a offical wired USB connection it does not work the same as ps3 or 360 USB interface Bluetooth is the perfect option its not like there is going to be some mobile phone fighting game tournament that you would need it to be wired and the lag factor is non existent with Bluetooth for the most part