Connecting hits after the dive kick

I’m having trouble trying to connect a hit after doing I sometimes am able to connect a after doing a divekick, but other times I can’t. Is there a trick to connecting a hit after the divekick? I usually mash really quick while I’m still in a divekick.

c.MK is not a reliable followup to a dive kick. It can combo but the dive kick has to hit extremely deep, to the point where it’s not worth using c.MK afterward.

c.LK (x 2), c.LP x 2, close MP and occasionally close HP are the only things I use, and have seen top Yang players use following a properly connected dive kick. Well, if you have the intention of comboing that is. If not then I guess hop kick, repeat dive kick or jump back (HP) are other good options, or even c.MK as long as you’re going to continue with something safe.

Don’t forget cl.MK. You just have to have enough experience to know when you’ll land the right way for a close MK to come out instead of a far MK. And even then, sometimes you’ll get a close MK that will whiff because of the push back from the dive kick :sad:. Still a useful follow up to a dive kick though because superjump canceling the cl.MK right into another divekick is pretty quick.

c.short x1 or 2, standing strong, standing fierce are all things that connect off of deep divekick hits. c.short x2 is probably not something you’re going to be able to judge since if your divekick is too shallow, your 2nd short will whiff. Besides, short -> ex is completely safe against everyone except ken. There’s no reason to confirm anything unless you’re 1) Terribly scared and feel you need to save bar, or 2) using seiei enbu and don’t have that meter to burn.

Close forward is also another option, it’s something that’s designed to beat throws or jumps if you time it right.

Something to not forgot is that you don’t always have to go straight into an attack. Neutral throw or command throw can be more advantageous in different situations.

just aim for the waist and below.