Connecting Jab MGB after an EX MGB



I know it’s worth while…but the timing is so goddamn hard, any tips and/or suggestions? And don’t say practice.


buffering the motion for l.mgb during ex.mgb doesn’t seem to work for me, so i just do the l.mgb fast after the ex.mgb… shrug thats how I do it =x


Practice, pra… oh wait.

KnowSkillz is exactly right. I can’t seem to buffer it either, so I just do the motion as soon as Dudley finishes his EX MGB.

I would like to add that it also depends on which character you’re juggling. It’s really easy on shoto’s and the twins, tricky on Chun Li, Elena, Q, Alex, and the like, and ridiculously weird on some others. On some characters (I think Q, but I may be wrong) you may have to delay a little bit before doing Jab MGB, because if you do it too fast, the first 2 hits of Jab MGB will hit them on their way up!!

Jab MGB should connect after EX MGB on all characters. If you do it off cr.Roundhouse, it’d be lot more tighter than EX MGB.


if you are practicing it on the DC, you will most likely fail. reason being, DC’s machine gun blow has only 2 hit frames, with a pause in between them. in the arcade, there are 2 hit frames on each side of the pause. the start-up is also different by 1 frame i think, so that messes up the entire animation timing afterwards. with that said, dudley will most likely just hit the opponent out of the juggle because the frames don’t match up.

now if you were referring to the arcade, then yes. do the hcf motion so that you press punch right when you have the opportunity to.


The fuck you talking 'bout?


frame data will! frame data! get with the times man :smiley:


Man, that frame data is the reason you’re such a sucka, Khang.


I believe Exodus. I was watching those Fujiwara vids from Karathrow and they showed Dudley using EX MGB, lp MGBx4 on Ken in the corner. I tried that shit for HOURS on the DC but just couldn’t get the timing down. So it must have something to do with whack frame data on the DC.


What 4 lp MGB? I can only do 3…


zero: it’s not impossible – the time frame is just very strict, and i believe on some characters, due to hitboxes, it isn’t possible. but the trick is to finish the motion and hit the jab almost immediately when your animation ends.


I’ve done 5 jab MGB off of a c.rh…

The rh was after a fucked up jab MGB as they come down, it barely hit the tip of their feet (against ken)

After the 5th one he was still high enough for like 2 more but juggle thingy stopped it

It’s impossible to get like more than 2 on DC


I’ll keep trying, then. I’d love to pull that off on a Ken player in a real match. I could tell just by looking at the vid that Fuji was just doing it for shits and giggles. But it was on a KEN player. Now that’s skill.:cool:


it pisses ppl off a bit yea, coz it really takes the pace out of the match, like a grab out of air by akuma dp+k :stuck_out_tongue:


How the fuck is it uber skill just because it’s against a Ken player? You can do that shit against anybody. And besides, I think I’ve seen the vid you’re talking about and that Ken player was trash.


silly guy, there’s a difference between competition level, and execution skills. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t the one getting a boner off of dudley doing 3x mgb on ken.


Neither was I. I was just impressed by it. No boner, just awe. And I didn’t know that lp MGBx5 could be done on every character.


Fujiwara is a GOD. Everyone else is gutter trash.


you have no dick to me! :cool:


Just some questions for anyone who cares to answer:

Is there a point to doing more than 3 jab MGBs against say, Ken? I have never seen Fujiwara play, and quite honestly, this is the first time i’ve heard of him. the only Japanese Duds i knew of were 178, Erotic Teacher and Danna. i guess it’s 'cuz i haven’t been on here for 5 months :lame:.

In that vid you guys are speaking of, how does Fujiwara start the combo off? does he do it off of a c. roundhouse? or does he initiate it off of EX MGB? what did he end the combo with? Reason i’m asking is 'cuz i’m curious as to whether it’s gonna be worthwhile to pull off (damage-wise).

Thanks all!