Connecting Madcatz Pro Turbo Panel PCB w/ Mayflash F300 PCB


What I want to do is use the Mayflash F300 PCB in a Madcatz Pro, what is the most efficient way to connect the Madcatz Guide and Turbo buttons?

I dont have the mayflash yet but I want to get a visual on how to achieve this.


Which Mad Catz Pro?

If I’m not mistaken, the 360 version of the Turbo Panel (it being simply a sub-PCB with no real brains) would have the Guide and Turbo buttons available as pins in the headers to connect to the main PCB. On the flipside, for the PS3 version, you may need to find the solder point to those two buttons along their respective traces.


I’m talking about the 360 version, is there a picture showing the guide and turbo pins and where to solder.


A 2 second google-image search didn’t get anything, but as I recall, on the top-side of the sub-PCB, it’s written directly on the silk-screen as to what pin is for what.


Is the PCB not identical to the TE? If it is, then there should be labels. Guide is XGUILD, Turbo is TURBO. If it is identical to the TE you also need to connect USBVCC and GND to the turbo board in addition to those signals.


are you talking about the usbvcc from the Mayflash?


On the Turbo panel is a point called USBVCC. You need to connect that to the USB power line


@SHSL_Street_Fighter ok thanks for the explanation. I decided to scrap this idea since i dont like the idea of having to piggyback off of other controllers.