Connecting my Laptop with HDMI out to my TV that only has A/V (RedWhiteYellow) in

What would be the best way to do this?

And if you could, a link to the product would be great. =)



bad reviews, on the second one, but see if it suits your needs.

If your TV only has standard A/V connections (red, white, yellow), the best resolution you’ll possibly get is 480i. I don’t know of any device that will allow you to downcovert a HDMI signal (digital) to A/V (analog).

You’re in a bit of a jam on this one. Neither of the ones that tinytop suggested are going to work. The first one is to component video, not composite – the second one is … well, I dunno what the hell that thing is, because normally you can’t just magically connect those things together (HDMI to VGA or composite video and audio), regardless of what connectors there are, you also have to consider the actual signal type that’s being used.

HDMI can only output a digital signal (because of content protection & licensing), so if you’ve got an older standard definition (SD) TV without an HDMI or DVI input, you can’t send that signal directly into the TV. You’ll need what’s generally called a scan converter.

I’ve done some quick scanning, and I wasn’t able to find what you’d need from the places I’d normally check, but I did find this one:

HDMI to Composite or S-Video Converter

The price is a little bit high, I’d expect it to be closer to $200, but you are going to pay at least that much for this type of device. This one has audio as well, with both analog and toslink digital outputs, which is slightly more convenient than having to run a separate cable out of the headphone output on the notebook. Although, the HDMI out on your notebook would obviously need to support audio as well, not sure if all of them do.

My recommendation though, save that $200+ for now and buy a new TV. The picture quality is likely to be disappointing, even for an expensive converter, and then when you do buy a new TV, it will be useless.

For that matter, if you look around, you can probably pick up a 24" monitor for that price with HDMI input.

Believe me, you’re better off not hooking your laptop up to such a shitty tv/display. It’s definitely not suitable for reading text and probably sub-par for gaming but, if you insist, search for a “downscan converter”.

I think converter box i listed will work. one of the reviews on amazon said this

"Easy to use. We have a 10 years old Big Screen TV with Component AV inputs. A Laptop with HDMI output. Able to connect them and watch videos on the internet. Just plug in and turn on TV and Laptop. Click <ctrl> with <f4> buttons to send signal from Laptop to TV. It works! Yes! "

on the picture it shows a R/L output which i thought was RCA. Im no expert so take it with a grain of salt.

The other problem you’re going to run into is overscan. Older TV’s usually have overscan of 5-10%, meaning you won’t see the Windows taskbar and the minimize/close buttons on a normal screen.

Those are the audio outputs. The video output from that box is component video, which is an older analog high-definition signal (Y, Pr, Pb), before DVI and now HDMI digital connections replaced it. He’s looking for composite video, which is for standard definition video – it’s what the Wii comes with in the box, typically a single yellow RCA-type connector, with the red and white stereo audio connectors.

This is true, though most converters will have some adjustment available, and you can also tweak the image with your graphics driver control applet.