Connecting pcbs to a stick help

OK so I have a custom stick that i recently wired with a orig. sony pcb. all sanwa. I got the buttons to work perfectly ( surprisingly in my case.) but i cant get the jlf joystick to work. The thing is the JLF has all the directions on the bottom corner of the stick which makes it impossible to connect to the pcb without resoldering.

heres a diagram of what im talking about

also the Triangle connection to the pcb is connected by electrical tape also.

im thinking it could be a ground problem but in that case wouldnt the whole stick not work and not just the joystick?

or it could be a taping problem, but I dont think its that either. Any ideas anyone?

thanks for reading.

The JLF has a ground cable (one of the 5, usually color coded black if you have the official JLF harness cable).

You can use a terminal block with 4 or 5 points (depending on whether you also want to connect your ground to that block) to avoid having to solder. That would be the cleanest and easiest solution rather than using electrical tape or soldering.

Make sure the directions on your PCB work and make sure you find the right ground line from the JLF. From that point, there is really little room for error for making your joystick work correctly.