Connecting tackle to dive mid-screen



any tips?
I’ve done it a few times but not consistantly. Is there something i’m missing? So far doing it fast is all i can come up with.

ex: launch, lp,lk,lp,lk tackle xx power dive.

yes it works midscreen.



launch,lk,lk tackle xx power dive.
or: launch,lp,lp tackle xx power dive.
i forget which works better . . .


they both work.

i believe my problem is in the timing. i’m almost certain you have to wait a moment after the connected tackle to xx into dive. can anyone confirm?



You can do it any way you want you have to wait a split second after you punch in the power dive its all in the timing. Or you could just launch,Hp into power dive its simple and it takes off a lot. Or try this with irom mans anti-air HK trip+assist, tackle assist should pop them back up launch,lp,lk,lp,tackle into power dive, takes off a shit load.:wasted: :rock: and if they roll after you trip them and you do the tackle irom man will cover you wile you recover .


The timing is really nothing special. Cancel the shoulder charge (either lk or hk) immediately into the power dive when it hits, then cancel the dive downwards without gaining much altitude. Just To get the feel for it, in practice mode pick cable, doom, and sent. Start practicing it on Sent, then work your way down to cable once you get it consistantly.

Try using the hk shoulder charge its a little safer if you mess up. Also, instead of launch, sj.lp,lk,lp,lk,shoulder charge try just doing launch, sj.lp,lk,shoulder charge. The damage doesn’t change much since the few extra lights scale down the damage of the dive. 0


u can cancel the dive, how do u cancel the dive do u hold down or press a button?

what is colusses bread and butter of a launch

launch. lp lk lp shoulder charge XX power dive?

i’ve noticed u cant combo into a launcher while standing. u have to have a jump in attack and launch.

i have a question about his grab trow. is it comboable. like i know the combo meter resets but if i launch someone and do lp, lk, lp, grab. can the enemy block the grab or will it always connect. its hard to tell since the meter resets.

and who would be a good 3rd character with doom & collosus


the way i do it is down + p

launch, lp, lp, shoulder, super. try to be as close as possible on the launch, and on the sj.

if you jump in deep with a hard attack you can combo qcf + p. if it does not combo, then they can block it.



k i got it to work sort of i just want to know if im maximziing my potential. i do launch lk lp lk shoulder charge xx power dive and it does 91 damage but when i do it, the power dive doesnt connect on the way up only on the way down. i tried connecting it on the way up and on the way down but whenever i connect on the way up (which is hard to begin with) it doesnt let me cancel it to go down fast enough. or maybe im just not fast enouhg but i dont know what the difference in damage is. sould i just focus on the launch 123 shoulder charge xx power dive on the way down cuz that does 91 damage on cable which is good.

and connecting random power dives are so hillarious i was doing some on the computer i just laugh every time. it reminds me of e. honda


I always find j.lp, j.lp after a launch to be the best option because it hits every time. i would recommend doing that instead of the 1,2,3 you are doing. has shit range and often misses.

you do not hit on the way up mid screen. you only hit them on the way down.

if you happen to be too far to land the shoulder, then super. just do super. Its worth it because it is good damage and you can dhc.

Random 1 hit power dives are funny. Learn the trajectory and speed of this super and you will find it has surprising punishing power.


As soon as I launch, I start the magic series, tack, power dive. A quick and easy setup is just jump in fierce, launch, foward+fierce, power dive.


LOL nice one. Didn’t think of that one. Basic, but good.


I like to do launch ^HK xx power dive. Pretty easy and does good damage, also on the ground crouching HP into power dive works as well. I only use tackle into dive in the corner.


Yeah that set up is good when I need a sure fire way to get some good damage without messing up the magic series, or missing the power dive after the tackle. Works great with sentinel’s ground assist.