Connecting the Proton Cannon with the Infinite



I can’t seem to find a consistent way of getting the proton cannon to connect after a bunch of reps from the infinite. How do you do it? I know about the FP xx Proton Cannon thing in the corner, but what if you’re not in the corner?

How do you do the chain so that the opponent is in the right height for the cannon to connect? What is the height for the cannon to connect?


I find the easiest way of doing it is, when you’re at the wall, jump up and forward, and do this rep kinda fast, you’ll get pushed back from the wall so then do the next rep about normal speed and just jumping up, then hit s.fp XX pc and it should connect.


The key to doing Up + fp xx pc, is all when you do the fp. Practice the inf. until you know the timing well enough so you know how long you can extend out the timing between hits. You should be hitting the up + fp right before you hit the ground then when you xx pc it does it perfectly. I can do this anywhere on the screen with the utmost of ease. It’s all just getting use to the timing.



Thanks! this was exactly what i was looking for! Tried it out and it works great!


np, glad ya got it.



I have been having trouble with heavy chars ie: Sent, Jugg, Blacky, ever since i started connecting protein cannon on normal characters. The heavy ones recover after the cannon hits (before screen freeze):frowning: . This never used to happen to me . . . help !!


wierd PC set up

Well this is a little odd but it works the timing is iffy though and im not sure if it works anywhere either but here it goes

Durring inf in the corner right when u land repulter blast (QCB+fp) XX PC

wat i mean by the timing is iffy is that u have to cancel right when the repulter blast hits and the odd part about it is that u spin around towards the other direction but it works


On the bigger characters, instead of doing s.FP, do s.LP, c.LP xx Proton Cannon.