Connecting to at work

Hey guys,

Before the new year I was using the following address to log on to from work. If I just typed in I would get the following screen:

You are not authorized to access this site from the (insert company name here) environment.

Proxy IP:
Client IP:

The website “” is filtered under the denied category “Games”.

If this page should not be blocked, consult your End User Policy then contact your local Help Desk. Please include a business justification to have this URL unfiltered.

If I used the link above I could open the forums with no problems. Now that the website has been updated I haven’t been able to use my old link from work, it only leads to the announcement about the server change.

I think this is the new client id:

And then I tried to use

But it still gets blocked, am I using the wrong client ID?

I miss reading the forums while I’m bored at work.

If you like your job, I wouldn’t try bypassing any of the filters at work.

The warehouse i work at is closing at the end of this year, everyone that works there is out of a job…so ya…

From the looks of your message it appears your company uses Bluecoat for it’s filtering service. Not going to have much luck with that one unless you create your own website on godaddy or something and turn it into a hidden proxy.

  1. Install cygwin on your home compututer
  2. Get SSHD
  3. Put PuTTY on a flash drive
  4. Tunnel!

It’s now , but there are plenty of web proxies which you can use. Google it and you’d have a large list.

That link didn’t work riotblade, it just took me to a stripped down version of the main page, and whenever i clicked on something i would get the filter screen. I’m going to try out those web proxies out tomorrow.

thanks anyways. is one I use sometimes.