Connecting very short links with Double Tapping


It didn’t take me very long to learn double tapping in general but there’s one thing that I have issues with. If a combo has lots of simultaneous button pressing that moves over a few different buttons in succession, with very small time intervals in the animations, I struggle to hit the combos in time. Here’s a hypothetical combo example:–,s.lp,lk,qcf.p

The interval of time in the HK animation is longer so I have time to get to the lk button to double tap it. From there, I’m bouncing all over the place with these double taps. I’ve watched high-level players and I see that they don’t double tap everything so I’m assume this would be one of those situations. If it makes any difference. I’m playing SFV and GG Revelator currently.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


I’m not sure why you are double tapping in the first place. The input buffer is very generous (at least for SFV) so that you do not need to.

Maybe you are getting your wires crossed with GG, since iirc I found confirming a low air dash attack into a grounded normal can be tough. But in SFV comboing off of any jump attack is very lenient.


You’re probably right. I noticed that guys like Tokido and Infiltration still use double tapping for almost everything but it’s probably just out of habit considering SF4 had pretty small input windows. I do think it still helps those lights come out though. Also, I haven’t played stick in a long time because I haven’t had access to arcades, let alone I’m learning real stick technique for the first time so I’m a little jumbled up with the various techniques. Figuring out which left hand grip I prefer, double tapping, pianoing, ect.
The stick actually feels more natural to me in GG and older SF titles like 3rd Strike and I’m not really sure why. But yeah, I agree that Comboing off of the initial jump attack doesn’t need to be double tapped, I use it for the following inputs mostly.