Connection issues


so as of late my stick hasn’t been connecting to my system as soon i as i stick it in. When i connect it to my xbox i gotta stick it in the back slot and sometimes turn the xbox off and on. Then lately i’ve tried connecting it to my pc and it will turn on but the controls won’t move or the disconnect and connect sound will battle back and forth before it chill out. It a mayflash v2 btw


i don’t leave the usb laying around i always wrap it up and put it in the stick or around a little post where my xbox sits at


That actually can tear up your controller cable. Never wrap the cable around the stick.
Loop your cable in a loose circle like you would a garden hose and secure it with Velcro cable ties.

Does your stick connect or disconnect when you move the cable?


every blue moon on my xbox my pc i gotta hold the end piece there bulky little block at up for it to work…


I am thinking your USB cable is damaged. Easiest fix is just to replace the whole thing.
If you have a mutimeter I would say test the cable out first.


i don’t have any tools tbh i bought this stick earlier this year so idk where to start fixing this up…is there any links you could give to help out


I got a whole discussion made somewhere on tech talk with a video done by Nerrage, I will copy and paste it here.

Its basic wiring, you are clipping the old cable from inside the stick, find a new USB cord, it does not need to be anything special for fight sticks
it just needs the plug going to the console. like a good thick 8 foot USB cord for a printer would be fine. You clip off the B side plug and you splice 4 wires together.
This is easy as all you need to do is match the colors.

If you are uneasy about soldering there is Phreakmods USB Repair Tool which is the easiest way to repair a USB cable

If that too much for you, you can always get a barrier strip. You can use American or European style.
The European style might be easier to use and you can cut that thing to size.

I also often install a Neutrik USB Feed-Through on my sticks so the USB cord becomes detachable, and if I need to replace the USB cable its as simple as just getting another cable.


OK so I found where the cord issues its where the USB piece start and where the blocky piece start…could I chop that off and re connect the wires from there rather chopping the entire cord off


I would do it from inside the case, so that your wire splicing is not exposed to the outside world, but I think you got the right idea.

After you are done you can tie a knot in the cord so the cable don’t pull out. Or you can drill a 24mm hole to install a Neutrik USB Feed-Through and not worry about the knot.