Connection problemassss


hey guys, uhh i had my Hori Real Arcade Pro EX for a year and a half? 2 years? any way… I don’t get to play much so it sits on my living room floor next to the 360. and so once in a while i get to play it, and when i do… i notice that the wire for the arcade stick that connects to the 360 is kinda bad… I constantly have to move the wire around a little and keep it in that one position so it doesn’t disconnect…

Also, i notice once in a good while… i press one of my kick buttons and it didn’t register it… it barely happens but i noticed it a couple times last year in 2010… is this because im hitting my sanwa buttons too hard… or sumthin?

so yeah, is there any way to fix these or do i just go out and get a new stick?


That is the biggest indicator (to me) whats going on with your stick, if you have the “Know-how”, replace the faulty USB cable, or have someone do this for you.

If your buttons still act up after that, then it could be your buttons, which it is a easy swap of one Sanwa (or Seimitsu) button for another; ether are perfect drop in replacements for your old buttons. But I still focus on that USB cord first.


Get a replacement wire. I’m sure you’ll find some around the Trading Outpost (I know I did).


ok sorry so where would i get a new usb cord? and maybe some instructions or some kind of help? ( if u have any idea… )


You could use any old USB cord with an A male end. Cut open, and solder four wires to their appropriate places. But, if this is foreign territory, you may want to find someone who can solder to do it for you.