Connection Quality Question

Hello everyone. My question is about the connection in online play. Does region affect connection? So if I’m from Europe would there be better connection with europeans than USA/Asia or does it not affect the region? :wonder:

It doesn’t matter. The connection between players takes strength of the player with the weakest internet connection. You can connect to play online with your next door neighbor, but if he has narrow internet urethra, then it’ll still create a poor connection. If you play someone in Africa with a massive pipe, and if you have a massive pipe yourself, then you’ll have a very strong connection.

Source: Capcom - Yoshinoya Ono

Geographical location does definitely factor into latency, so even with “good connections” on both ends, if you’re on opposite sides of the world from one another you’re still going to have pretty high latency (which will come across as laggy gameplay).

A good connection for both players and relatively close geographical proximity are both necessary to have online be anything less than terrible.

Sorry guys but I didn’t get clear, so does region affect or not? As each of you said the different tihing

region does effect the speed in a negative way, it takes longer for the information to reach other areas.

But keep this in mind, i dont think the ssf4 region system has any effect on that. I live in the northeast usa, so I have good connections with eastern canadians and bad ones with people from oregon (same region in ssf4)

with that being said, you can have a good connection with someone far away. it depends on each persons internet speed

I don’t think it’s reigon, as much as the players internet. Regardless of if they are on the other side of the world or down the street from you, if they have crappy internet, then you probably will have a bad connection to them.

hurr SRK on networking

All else being equal, a closer opponent will always be a better connection than a far-away opponent.

Games don’t really need to send tons of data. Having a “faster” internet connection helps up to a certain point, but when you’re talking about something like 5Mb/s versus 20Mb/s the difference is negligible at best. Unless some part of your network is absolute shit, the limiting factor is how far away you are.

Yeah, I’ve been doing some research and I think that the problem is the latency of the connection. For example my connection is 6 Mbps but however has a ping of 110 ms, so it would work fairly well with internet but in online gaming may suffer of some lag. The less the latency, the better the response in online, but latency is also affected by distance, as is not the same for a connection to connect to a server in your country than in another continent. So in conclusion, connection is affected by region, but not in a great way, as your own ISP connection quality is the main reason for being lagging or not lagging.

Sorry if I’ve been too overwhelming and thanks for the help! If anyone has anything I left over feel free to add to the thread.

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