Connection time for ranked matches?

Has anyone else been experiencing a long period of time before they are able to find a match? I’m usually waiting 6-10 minutes for a match, and if I’m lucky, 4-8 min. I’m also experience a lot of disconnects. Mostly for wins. I’ve reset my modems, and even contacted my Internet provider.

I found 2 matches in 4 days

guess I’m just fucked since it seems to work for most people and capcom said they fixed the servers

I’m only having luck playing online matches through Battle Lounge. Ranked has only matched me up with two people so far… :confused:

Yup in the same boat here. I very rarely get matches in ranked matches. I also know a couple of my friends who has the same issues.

It’s problematic indeed. Let’s wait for CAPCOM to fix this, cause no way it’s working properly.

I had this problem at one point, then I restarted my ps4 and it started to work better. However now the problem I have is huuge load times between screens with the little square in the bottom right of the black screen. Apparantly it means it is struggling to communicate with server. However some of my frds do not experience this problem so it’s pissing me off at