Connection to opponents lost

So I have come along to this issue where I keep getting a “Connection to opponents lost” message after a huge lag increase during the online game, or just a freeze>CTOL in the pre-game lobbies.

This does not happen randomly, It seems to come after 10-15 games. After one of these disconnections I cant play online for about 1-2 hours (only SFIV becomes unplayable, rest is fine), and after that It wont let me play more then that limited number of games.

This started happening to me about a week after playing normally online, then it kept happening and it seems to be getting progressively worse.

I dont see the point of playing anymore online games on PSN after this thing started. Does anyone have a solution or a previous encounter with an issue like this? Its been like this for about a week.

It happens to me too.
If there is a solution i need it
Psn is the only way i can get come there is not much comp where i’m from.