Connector identification

So I am starting to create a modular setup for my MC Cthulhu and the first modular controller I am trying to use with it is the Beatmania controller (USKOC) for the PS2. The only issue I am seeing is that using RJ45 connectors isn’t going to allow me full functionality with the 7 face buttons, turntable spin up and spin down, and then hopefully the start button as well.

To remedy this situation I have been trying to look for this connector. It seems to be perfect for my needs and considering it’s what the USKOC already uses it seems like it would be the perfect fix.

Does anyone have an idea what this connector would be called so I can order some?

I tried looking around on digikey and mouser and I couldn’t find a solid match. It’s got 16 connections (the controller doesn’t use them all obviously) so it would be perfect for MANY different applications. It fits snug but not horribly, and it’s pretty solid feeling.

Connector Images


It might be a proprietary connector.

Why would you be using RJ-45 anyways for a modular solution? D-sub 15 (old-school PC joystick connector) or D-sub 25 (old-school PC parallel printer port) are much easier to work with, and are much easier to come by.

The only reason I was looking into RJ-45 as an option for my situation is because its the only tutorial I found for modular solutions and it seemed like it’s the most common solution people use. RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

DB15 of HD15 does seem to be a good option though I am not entirely sure the best place to purchase them off.

No, you’ve got that part a little reversed.
People use RJ-45 as CABLE connectors, not as modular PCB connectors.

For example, for a modular solution, it would come to this:
[ buttons and stick ]=={{ Connector A }}==[ PCB ]=={{ Connector B }}==[ wire to console ]

It sounds to me that you’re looking to do something about “Connector A” in my diagram above.
RJ-45 is a solution that’s used normally for “Connector B”.

Ive seen a lot of RJ45 fight sticks all over the forum and very little if any d-sub sticks though.

Lemme take a step back, then: what exactly are you trying to accomplish, though?

RJ-45 is the connector used for modular CABLES, and everyone uses that.
If you want to have modular PCBs, you’ll need something with more contacts like the D-sub 15 or 25 connectors like I recommended, like my own Modular ABS stick (see link in my sig):