Connects a ps3 to two tv

I want to connect one Playstation3 to two LCD monitor, or two television. Is the method possible? I was thinking if i obtain a HDMI Splitter ([URL=“”]) to connect a Playstation3 to two monitor or television, the method is possible.
Without explaining much of my goals, I want to do this for hosting tournaments and raising player skill levels by lan. An example of a splitter

Here a picture of what I want.
However, the person who made the head-to-head, connected a ps3 to acomputer so he could use the computer video card to run the images on two different monitor.
I was wondering if i can skip the computer part to split a 2D game such as street fighter 4 or blazblue.

quick and easy way…

Won’t those splitters lacking a powered supply be prone to display washed out colors ?
I know HDMI is digital and thus very different from analog, but i don’t see halving the voltage in a good way… Maybe i’m wrong

never said it was the optimal solution, just cheap…

monoprice has a powered hdmi splitter for $39. i’ve used them for sf4 tournaments at arcades so they definately dont lag or cause washed out colors.

Scottind, tell me the exact name of the splitter you use.