coN's "Forgotten Stuff from the Garage" sale


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So cleaning out my garage, i found alot of old stuff that i myself worked along with my friends stuff he left here. This is stuff that has been sitting here for years at a time so some TLC will be needed to revitalize these sticks. Buttons maybe lightly scuffed from wear but work just fine. Sold as-is.
This is something ive been hesitant to sell but im not using it. This is a EXCELLENT condition Namco stick. Works with PS1/PS2 and will work with PS3 and 360 with the proper converters. Everything works 100% perfectly
$70 shipped to the lower 48. Toss in an additional $15 and ill throw in a lagless PS3 converter from DealExtreme.

One of my friends projects. This particular stick was a PS2 Soul Calibur Hori that apparent was gutted, used a PS2 DS PCB and Seimitsu skeleton buttons. All thats left is the case, Seimitsu buttons, and stock hori stick. Bottom plate is missing as is the PCB. Top panel was painted but moisture has gotten to it and cracked it. Can be installed with a LS-33.

Bottom plate fabricated
PCB of your choice
Sand top panel and repaint
$25 + shipping

**PENDING **This was a personal stick of mine. It was using a DB-15 for PCBs inside project boxes. It has 2 sanwa buttons on the back for select & start. The original yellow start button was used as a Home/Guide button. No PCB included. All Sanwa buttons, the stick is a brand new Rollie Stick which is a damn good clone of the LS-56. I cant tell a difference. It doesnt include the red mesh balltop, it will come with a clear bubble top. Was painted with red vinyl paint but i never fully finished. The are some scuffs in the paint but easily repainted.

PCB of your choice
New coat of vinyl paint
$60 + shipping
This was another project of my friends. Was originally a PS3 Hori Fighting Stick but was modded. All Sanwa buttons, and a modded LS-56 stick. I say modded cause its using a LS-33 shaft to fit in the case but with a LS-56 spring since he liked the stiffness. Now, the shaft still scrapes the bottom metal panel. He was supposed to grind away the area where the bottom of the shaft rubs against the panel but he never got to it. (Ive done this in various sticks to create clearance in a small stick, like an LS-32 in a Saturn Fighting Stick SS so a hole doesnt have to be cut for clearance) Ive plugged it in a PC and there was no PCB found so the PCB will probably have to be replaced. The top panel has also been exposed to moisture so it started to rust.

Top panel sanded & primed
Create clearance in the bottom panel to fit the modded LS-56
New PCB(?) of your choice
$45 + shipping
12 Sanwa buttons with Sanwa JLF. Parts were pulled from TEs. The JLF is missing the shaft & dust cover so it does need a sanwa shaft kit. Balltop is a white one.

$35 shipped to the lower 48.


Prices dropped & Namco stick added.