Considering an odd bet: kara palm bet (Evo World)

Basically the idea is you get 20 (4 attempts to do 5 in 1 combo) attempts at kara palms with yun in street fighter 3: 3rd strike.

I’d be willing to do single person bets for 10$ (max of 7 people)
Or we can do a round robin type shit for 20$ a head.



I’ll take one, and I’ll back yooooooon in one too.

i was thinking about doing something like this too

itd be like horse but instead of basketball youd just do hard fucking combos in whatever game

anyway dope idea evo needs more side events

more of a reason to gamble.

I assume this would have to have certain training mode specifics attached to it. Character used vs. Yun, Super gauge settings, standing or crouching character, etc…

wat about a standing gigas breaker bet? 3 consecutive standing 720’s? i’d be interested in that one.

hahaha… standing 720 rox!! how do you do that man!? OMG!! hahahah…

by the way, wtf is kara palm??

while activated, s.MP x s.LK x palm strike.

how bout parrying bets
parrying a variety of supers in 3s

thatd be pretty sweet

that would be cool but some people can only perform parries in training mode. Doing it in match is completely different from training mode.

Uh, so? That’s hardly the point.

these side bets are getting more and more interesting

Course and the opponent will be standing

i’m pretty sure the combo i’m gona have people do would be the following or mp shoulder, activate, f+mk, karapalm x 5, ender

ill take standing 720 bets

i got money on gene against anyone in cvs2 horse and even the 720 challenge, lol

i can’t standing 720, and have no desire in learning to do so lol so yall have fun with that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

also, good shit on thinking of other stuff to bet over.

get hype… over technical bets

cvs2 horse is gonna be too good

I remember at evo 2k6 peeps were betting on the amount of genei jin activations in the 3s finals, that was a pretty cool bet. Wonder who won it?

did you say walking gigas? sign me up for that one…:encore:

umm its in las vegas:rolleyes: … walk a block to the casino:wink: