Considering ebaying some parts

Any thoughts out there about ebaying some Seimitsu LS-32-01’s. My cousin was in Japan last week and I got him to grab as much as he could and he came back with 5 sets of joysticks, 6 30 mm buttons and 3 24 mm buttons.

I was going to build some of these out and sell the complete sticks or possibly just ebay 3 of those sets.

I was just curious if there were any opinions/ideas I should consider. Putting together my own joystick has become quite a project and if I built some to sell to others my first concern would be them being solid quality.

So I was just looking for any input. I read on some post that you need to have so many posts here on this forum before listing things for sale.

Anyway, what should a newb do? Can a lot of patience and love overcome my newbiness and make a product worthy of being purchased by someone else or should I just pass my parts on to someone else?

just sell them on ebay or craiglist, or hold onto them until you have 100 posts and it’s been six months