Considering getting rid of some fighters... good move or not?

I’ve got Soul Calibur 2 and SFA 3 MAX sitting on my shelf and I’m wondering if the games are really worth keeping around. I never really played Soul Calibur 2 in depth or anything, so is the game worth having if I’ve Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast? Same deal with SFA 3 MAX… I’ve got SFA Anthology, so is there anything significant I’d be missing if I ditched that game? I don’t really care about the World Tour mode at all, so I dunno what’s left in there…

It’s a sin for you to trade in games.

SC2 is crap, and A3 Max is shit compared to anthology.

C’mon now. Give me more credit than that – I’m not going to trade them into Gamestop.

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you should get rid of those games since you have anthology a3 isnt even worth keeping.

I never liked SC2 and actually traded in myself. Same with Alpha 3 Max if you have anthology already trade it in.

Trade both, especially if you have Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast.

yeah, just dump both.

its a good idea to get rid of them

Well since you have SFAnthology, then yeah go a head and get rid of SFA 3 max. As for SC 2, I dunno it’s not that bad at least in the casual aspect, so it’s your choice.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson about trade-ins. You’re often gettin the worse end of the deal. But I still do it anyway.
If you don’t care about World Tour(is it even included?), dump A3 Max because you have Anthology, which has better Alpha gameplay anyway.
If you don’t play SC2 and you feel that no one else wants to play it, then get rid of it too. But if you ever felt the need to want to buy SC3, then you should prob just keep SC2. If you’re not a big fan and played SC3 then you know what I’m talking about.
Getting rid of games that you don’t really play isn’t a bad thing, unless the game is rare, or someone else plays it. The worst feeling in the world is when someone, or you and your friends, wants to play a game and you say, “Well, I USED to have it.” This is only if the game was decent. If it was horrible then saying that feels fuckin awesome.