Considering making a blog

I am not sure if it will be street fighter focused or not, but i am working on capturing all of the “Optimized Cammy Combos AE 2012” and uploading them so people can see what combos look like visually.

If you have suggestions or ideas street fighter or not post them.i’m brainstorming. :lol:

I’ve been browsing on the forum, and I can’t find updated info on option selects for cammy, you could add that to the list :3

On a side note, what do you use to record gameplay? Fraps gives me these slowdowns, and I can’t connect combos that way :confused:

The optimized combos would be a godsend, especially if we start finding what works with all the cast. The past videos I’ve seen has opened up to me a lot of stuff to test out when I get the chance.

Didn’t we have one already about the optimized combos? By Alioune here

Yeah, but did he ever get around to finishing it for the whole cast? Or is he still working on it?

God forbid this making it srk front page or at eventscrubs. Omg No spoon feeding .

But I’m all for forum enrichment to the people who spend time here and looking to improve. :confused:

Where r u planning to post it?

i would be uploading with the good stuff. hauppage 1445 hd with hdmi splitter…etc
i just got a ps3 so i would be probably uploading the stuff through that since the ps3 graphics look nicer imo.
on a side note i am also getting ae 2012 on pc

basically i am going all out. i 've been wanting to get on the map in the community, but i still have a ways to go.

i would be uploading it on my own website that i am working on developing as well. probably via youtube

would it be bad if it got front page or eventscrubs? lol

yes we did. but my intention of this was to create a run down of basically how all the combos look… i am visual learner so this really started with me trying to understand how alioune’s combos worked, it helped more when he posted video examples, so i just wanted to expand that idea.

aaaaaaaaaaanyways i am still working on the rough draft of the website to host this (maybe google sites since it’s free) i am in college for a multimedia and digital production degree, so this is also a leaning experience as well.

:smiley: anymore ideas would be awesome. Or if you guys have knowledge on the best hosts to make websites or any other tech stuff would be appreciated!

(i may also work on a cammy vid for sfxt too. optimized combos, optimal partners, gem loadouts…etc)

Character specific setups after backthrow

Safejumps after backthrow/HK SA/MK SA


Cross up CS setups


Oh man. Our secrets will be out. :confused:

I keep telling people no no. Don’t worry cs never crossup lolololl.

Are there actually “unblockables” for cammy still?