Considering mooving from PSN to Xbox Live: input lag really better?


Hello guys,

I’ve been playing for a while on Ps3, but left the game for a while…
Now that I play seriously again, I get more and more upset whith the online, the combos seem more difficult to execute, and I fail combos I succeed almsot every time in offline.
I know it sounds like an excuse, but I feel this way. Even the 5 green bars game makes my combos harder to make, the timing being more strict.
I got a 3mb connection with 45 ping, but I might soon get a way better connection (optical fibre)

So I would like to know if buying an Xbox360 is worth it in order to get a better experience online since the live is said to be better, and a better experience overall, since the game is apparently 2 frame faster on Xbox360
It might not make my moveset as easy to perform as it is offline, but if it gets closer, I 'am all for it.

My question is: for a fight with excellent connexion with 5 green bars on bot Ps3 and Xbox360, under those circonstunces, what console is wining? When the best quality possible is reach on both platform, is there still a difference between them online in therms of connection and input lag?

If I consider mooving on xbox, I would have to buy a controller converter to sill play with a ps3 pad, since I only play with this.
I would be considering this one : XCM Cross Fire

But is this XCM Cross Fire adding any sort of input lag?
If so I can alwready forget to moove on Xbox…

Thanks for any help or advice!


I don’t think the difference is big enough for you to stop being angry.

I played SFxT online for a couple of weeks before going back to SF4 for a few hours. I literally felt angry the entire time I was playing SF4. The input delay is absolutely horrible.

There is no version of online SF4 that consistently resembles the offline game in a reasonable way.


I am aware that I will never get a online expérience similar to offline, but If the Xbox Live is somewhat closer to it, it is still a step in the good direction.
And I am also interested in the 2 frames advantage of the Xbox360 version, if this make a difference, when you watch comparaison videos between PS3 ans Xbox360, it really seems to make a one.


Most people on PSN play wireless, and on a PS3 the the signal can go from 100% to 65% just from merely touching the console. Xbox handles wiresless connections better, though that doesn’t matter if the person you play with has a crap router or modem.


Switch to Xbox anyway. Comp’s better on Xbox (though there are still tons of bad players to slog through on either version.


Xbox connections are overrated, if you don’t own a good and stable connection in the first place and play against people with low latencies it’s going to suck either way. I played on both and the difference is minimal.

PC on the other hand felt noticeably better to me online, specially when Vsync is off.

Also people should stop playing fighting games on wireless on any version, any latency and instability should be minimized as much as possible.


Net code for both console ports of the game are garbage compared to PC. But yes, the xbox version does have better input lag. As to whether or not you’ll get better connections, that depends entirely on your internet and your opponent’s internet. It will not be as crisp as the offline experience, but it’ll get the job done if you want to learn matchups and understanding how to handle different player types.


Ok thanks guys, but I think I’m going to buy an Xbox either way, friends of mine convinced me…

But I am also looking for an adapter to play with my PS3 pad on my Xbox360, and I would like a complete lagless one, if it exists.

at first I found the XCM cross fire:
But I was said it was laggy.

So the best adapter would be the Universal controller Adapter Converter Mayflash?…079?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a7582c70f

It sounds too good to really be the truth, because this one is supposed to be laggless and working for both Xbox360 and PS3, and working with ps3 and ps2 pad on Xbox…
And this, for only 15 dollars???

I can’t believe the Mayflash does better than the XCM being sold at 70 dollars!!!

Can you tell me accurately if the Mayflash has absolutely no lag at all? even slightly?

Or can any one advice me an other lagless adapter?



Try tech talk. There is a converter thread listed in the stickies.


The best connection on 360 is not THAT much worse than the best connection on XBL. But, on XBL, you get: 1. overall a bit better connections 2. much faster transitions between menus etc. which really adds up 3. connection ratings that aren’t fucking flashing and that are actually somewhat accurate 4. more good players who are local to you.

All together, it makes a big difference. I’ve barely played on PSN since I got 360 back when PSN went down (I was already considering making the switch anyway).


Hi, bit of a late reply and you’ve probably already got your converter but if you haven’t you should consider the Xtokki 360 converter made by Laugh I think…
Brilliant converter, also has a mic port that works fine and you can use your ps2 pad’s “analog” button as the dashboard button :slight_smile:
Pretty cheap too, think its like £15… dunno what that is in $…
I bought 2 of them before I switched to stick and still have them and they work fine!


Just had to fix this…


Especially true in regards to faster transitions between menus; something almost no one mentions when comparing the two. For whatever reason the ps3 version is almost always “saving” between menus, and that shit takes anywhere from 5 - 10 seconds every time.


If you are using a good cable, with good monitors, and have a good connection you shouldn’t have a problem for the most part. I get the same experience on my PS3 as I do on my PC, but I play US players most of the time on console, whereas on PC I play some foreign players.


i own SFIV for all platforms xbox,ps3, and pc and i think peronal that the pc version is the most dominant one in every way

my opinion and exeriance is pc>xbox>ps3


Only problem with PC is that it lacks skilled players because not everyone has a good enough PC to run Street Fighter…
Otherwise everyone would probably play PC since it has the best connection.
Also I’ve heard there are more lag switchers on PC?


The only thing I’ve noticed is that xbl sometimes and I do mean SOMETIMES has less lag stutters (random chunks of slow framerate) compared to psn,but it does have them. Either way both are not that different at all as both will drop and delay inputs.

I also have the PC version and I’d say that it’s about %10 better than the console versions just because of the fact that there’s hardly any slowdown at all,which goes a long way for your inputs. Regardless it’ll still randomly drop your shit sometimes.

Also,as for the quality of players I would go as far to say that I think I’ve had some of my best matches on PC. Maybe it’s just the larger playerbase on xbl,but like every 9 out of 10 matches were against people that played like they had just popped the game in for the first time in their lives. It’s usually the complete opposite for me on psn/PC where I get pretty decent matches 9 times out of 10.


PC, if you’re lagging on that in any way its because you have bad internet or a bad setup or your opponent does.
On PS3 when I play it takes me much longer to find a match, seems “laggier” but I think that may be the 2 frame difference between 360 and PS3.
On xbox I rarlely have any problems except when opponent is downloading or someone in the opponents family is DLing or something…


I didn’t say that there was any lag for me on PC. But,it still does drop inputs,which I assume is the netcode’s fault and not the platforms.

I can get a match just as quickly on all versions though. I never notice any difference in the match making at all.


yep i heard about those lag switchers but luckily never encountered one :wink:
well suprisingly there are no famous players but there are some really high lvl skilled players out there,the competition is not bad at all
in fact i saw PRbalrog , kyriu ,arturo sanchez , dakou ,flashmetroid even alioune sensei playing on pc live so its not that the pros reject the pc version … i really love the pc version cause its so much more practical to play on pc than on console but still xbox rules when it comes to the number of players…
pc pros : nice and smooth graphics,good conections,easy and fast match finding , surprisingly a lot of players, practical (ccause you can anytime while waiting alt+tab and surf the web until comes your turn,play some music from winamp etc etc…)
pc cons : lag switchers do exist (but they are all reviled in a thred here on SRK) , not that many 5000+PP pros like on xbl and psn

i fucking hate PSN and why i hate it i am gonna explain that in a few minutes in a new thread what hapened to me … i am probably gonna sell my ps3 and the ps3 version of the game and never ever return there