Considering Scuffed Buttons (Need answers-- Causes and Solutions)


I had purchased some clear Seimitsu buttons from Focus Attack, which although they arrived on time and appear functional, came somewhat scuffed. The buttons are not horrifyingly scratched, but are scuffed to the point that it’s hard to tell that my one year old second hand Sanwas are older than my Seimitsus. I was just wondering if it was normal for clear Seimitsu buttons to come this way, or if it was the fault of Focus Attack. Regardless, I was wondering if there was some kind of polish I could use that was safe on plastic, in order to buff out the scratches. Thank You!


Clears will show scratches and scuffs easier than opaques. You could remedy it yourself, get some rubbing compound and some polish (Maguier’s brand is good and I’ve used it to restore clear plastic) and rub the scuffs out. Or, if you really don’t feel like doing that, you can ask for an exchange for ones that aren’t blemished.


Thanks for the advice! I’m not familiar with restoration, do I need something in addition to the Maguiers?


a used t-shirt you no longer need. they make good rubbing cloths.


Same exact thing happened to me. I got buttons from them and they came completely scratched up. Was going to complain but it didn’t bother me enough to send them back. They arrived wrapped with bubble wrap so I don’t think they got damaged in transit. Good to know I can polish it out if I wanted to. Kind of disappointed in focus attack though. Ordered from them before and didn’t have this problem.


akishop stick the plunger onto a duct tape in a row, very efficient and sure way not getting the buttons scrubbing each other during transport.


Yeah I notice they do that with my last order from them.