Considering the Tekken 6 Stick


I’m wanting to pick-up an Arcade Stick and Amazon has the Tekken 6 Bundle for under $50, and with Tekken Tag 2 and even the eventual Tekken X Street Fighter, I want to get into a Tekken a bit so for the price it seems like a no brainer. (Added I want a Stick to Play SSFIV and MvC3 with).
But my big thing is the quality of the stick and how long it’ll actually last, from Reviews on Amazon and even YouTube, things seem kinda 65% good to 45% bad. I played on my friend’s MadCatz SE stick, and I noticed that my game does improve a bit but I know how shitty those sticks are in the long run.


You will probably want something of quality, notably the Tournament Edition stick. A cheaper stick isn’t horrible and a better stick won’t necessarily make you better, but the quality of the Tournament Edition is MUCH higher than the SE, the Tekken Stick, the EX2, or really almost anything else.


Of course I want and have been considering getting a TE stick, even if I don’t get that great of a player, it is playing as legit as it can be, but for the time being (As such I wouldn’t be able to get a TE stick for another month or so), I’d wonder if that stick is at least up to par without dying out or malfunctioning.


That PS3 Tekken wireless hori stick is ok for practice but not for tournaments. Sometimes it stops working for a few seconds in a middle of a match.


Stop considering the T6 stick. It’s garbage.


you could prob pick up a HRAP for good price if you want a good cheap stick. I don’t mind hori buttons but the stick it self feels weird and stops working on the tekken 6 wireless one


That’s generally what I wanted to know. Hopefully in a week or so I’ll have a good $100+ since I’ll have some Birthday money.
So it’ll either be the HRAP or the BlazBlue stick if its still low (Which is what I’d get being a Sanwa TE stick).


If you are on a budget just get an SE then you can buy a sanwa stick/buttons later and put them in and it will function just as good as a TE.


I can’t say I’m particularly on a budget but for what it was the Tekken Stick looked alright for the time being. The SE and modding I know all about, I just wouldn’t want to put forth the effort to Mod it. xD


The tekken stick is bad. Check out the arcade stick faq sticky thing for advice on what stick to buy.


The Tekken Stick is awesome, but only if you put in the effort to mod it. If you’re not going to mod it it’s going to suck for you, and especially at the 50 price (even with the game, since you can get tekken 6 used for like 15 bucks, the stick used for like 25-30 on craigslist).

You’ll be better off buying an SE if you wanted to roll with something decent at a relatively cheap price. They had some krazy deals at the madcats site. I know the tatsunoko wii SEs were going for like 40 something for two sticks, and those are easily moddable (depending which system you have, if you has PS3 its suuper easy. just buy a ChImp board from toodles/lizard lick. If xbox360 you’ll need to padhack)


I feel lucky because i got my sf4 te round 2 stick nib for 75 dollars off of craigslist i had the se for 2 weeks broke 3 of the buttons and took it back for a full refund :slight_smile: the te is the way to go hands down


don’t get it. Invest the money into something better(a TE if you can).


I also have this stick. It’s okay for me but I’m still really noob in fighting games and I also play other arcade games with it. Is modding this stick hard to do?


it’s not hard but it’s just tedius. The main problem is that you need a tri-tipped security to screwdriver to open up the box. Other than that its not that big of an issue to mod. Check the T6 thread it has lots of info on how to mod it if ur interested.


the new mortal kombat stick looks kinda cool