Consistency Issues


So I play alot of Street-Fighter (IV AE), and I consider myself to be pretty good at it, not God-Tier, but I am a B rank with Chun-li and I can win about 60% of my matches on a regular day and on a good day about 80%… and sometimes I lose 20 matches in a row with opponents ranging from D to B ( I rarely encounter A ranks nevermind Master and above). I just can’t seem to stay consistent for very long, and its frustrating as hell when you get beat by a D rank Ken D-bag who only does to (you see it coming you know EXACTLY what he’s gonna do, do some type of anti-air meneuver or block and still get face-smacked), lose 108 points AND ON TOP OF THAT he calls you a B rank poser or something of the like. I’m just wondering if this is a particular problem that happens to grace only me or are there any other sympathetic players out there? Tips? Stories?


It happens to everyone. Everyone’s allowed bad days.


In every single field of human activity there are off days.

Athletic stars, cops, lawyers, doctors, people who crochet.

You won’t always preform as your peak, and sometimes you will preform better than you expect.

Only with time and practice can you get better and narrow down your fluctuations (you’ll always fluctuate but ideally you won’t lose to D ranked people too often)


I have a similar issue where I play well against people with lots of points but people doing really dumb stuff, it works surprisingly well against me. I play Chun, too, and when I see the dumbness, I find it often helps to match dumb with dumb.

Like people who are new have all this lag a lot of times and play a super careful fb spamming ken or ryu. Start jumping up and down over the fb’s, make there them look futile, build a bar by focusing them. When they come in, nuetral jump roundhouse them. Do it like 3-4 times in a row, then start tic throwing.

it’s not quite the answer to your question, but I think it’s a factor, recognizing what level you should be playing on.


Unless you have a gdlk connection and are a gdlk player
SF4 Chun-Li + online = lol :frowning:


Yeah I lost to one yesterday, couldn’t believe it. Ken player 300pp 300bp range, lag was like a mile underwater. I just got rated B on pc, so like 5000bp, 1200pp going in. You really have to take online with a grain of salt, just hope for good games.