Consistent problem with bold cancel teleport



Hi fellow UMvC3 fans.

I am having a highly tenacious problem with the stinger/bold cancel teleport portion of any given Dante combo. Bold canceling itself isn’t the issue, as I have no issue with bold canceling into volcano, or anything else for that matter. It’s the teleport that presents the issue, and I have been practicing it for a horrifyingly long period of time now and it nothing’s improving…

I have read and watched likely every tutorial available on this subject and I input the commands exactly like they should be, but instead of teleporting behind the character like he’s supposed to, Dante teleports about 25% across the screen, sending the opponent flying 25% further in the wall bounce leaving Dante at the opposite end of the screen, not likely to hit anyone with anything. This happens at least 70% of the time, and I have not heard of anyone else having this problem (and trust me I’ve looked). In practice mode, I check the inputs, and they are all precisely what they are supposed to be, so what the hell is going on??

I am desperate, and this is the only reason I’ve signed up for this forum. I’ve thrown too much time away working on this already to have no improvement, and hearing people say things like “I got it down no problem in 5 minutes” and “it’s ridiculously easy” is quite largely discouraging to say the least. I am not new to fighting games and execution has never been much of an obstacle for me. This is a whole new dynamic for me, and I’m strongly considering dropping Dante all together because of it.

I’m practically begging, PLEASE someone read this and detect what is happening so I can actually have a foundation to work on, rather than taking random shots at an empty pool.

I greatly look forward to any kind individual willing to Assist Me!


Sounds like you might be inputting the teleport too quickly. Have you tried to input the S as they hit the wall bounce?


I have tried vigorously to experiment with timing. If I input too quickly, the above bs happens. If I input any slower Dante just does a back flip or forward flip indiscriminately.


I would think you still need to do the bold cancel and teleport at the same timing, but delay the entire string of buttons (after stinger) just a bit more. That should give you the desired result.


Yeah, don’t slow down the inputs, delay the inputs.


Oh glob, this is getting frustrating for me. I always have this same consistent problem w/ bold cancel teleport, and this usually in the middle of a combo. I NEED HELP too.

Watch how I practice in 1 minute (I always lose track of time easily).

Even after doing an OTG. I still can’t do this after :h: :h: :h: :h:

Some time when I try to do a stinger + bold cancel after :h: :h: :h: :h: , I always get a pop shredder.

By Bold Canceling into Teleport by itself, I can do this fine because I don’t have to worry about :h: :h: :h: :h:
But I still have consistent problems btw.


From what i’m understanding on your problem about the shots into prop is that you might be hitting the stinger and the bold cancel teleport a bit to fast so the game thinks you input s so you get the prop shredder. try separating your inputs and not to just mash them all out(also helps to learn shot loops but thats a different thing all together). If ou do have the same proplem as the op then just read the advice im going to give him below.

I’m not going to lie and say Its easy to get the teleport out, cause im really not and most times i kinda just mash the down down s to hell. for some people it works others it doesnt, granted i play pad.

To help you i would say the biggest problem is your canceling the stinger into teleport way to fast. The reason why dante is only teleporting 25% of the screen and the opponent is going 25% further. like if you teleport the second stinger hits thats going to happen. If you delay it and teleport right as the opponent is going to hit the wall your going to be behind them as they hit the wall, granted you can be a bit late and not hit the hammer but you still can get helm xx killer bee to keep the corner.


Thanks :D, it really help out my execution problems. I was able do his simple mid screen BnB like 1 million times in a row in both sides. The bold cancel teleport always come out consistently. Now I am ready to start using and learning Dante :slight_smile:

I use pad too btw