Consistent UMVC3 Ports

I made this thread because it seems this topic doesn’t get a lot of attention yet I believe it is the single most important feature that fighting games should have.
I was hoping they would talk about this on the MVC3 panel at EVO, but they didn’t.

Now, I don’t want to start another pointless PS3 vs 360 debate here, so the only thing that I’ll mention is that we can all agree that the the PS3 and 360 ports of MVC3 are different, and while we cannot say that one version is far superior to the other one, we can say that players who regularly use one port do need to spend some time playing in the other port before they can adjust and play at a 100%

I hope you can appreciate how this affects tournament players who aren’t aware of the difference, and then show up to a tournament where the game is being played on another port.

We need to stand together as a community and let Capcom know that we could really use some consistency this time. I hope that enough people in here agree with me, and we can all show that this is a problem that we do need help with.

All bias aside. I thought it had to do with the hardware used and/or even the disk format used.

I do agree that this should be addressed as closely as possible.

why do you think that we need to play both ports in order to adjust and play at a 100%? o.O

Did you even read the post, or did you just focus on that one part?

ok then, sir. why/how are the two ports different? i honestly dont understand. aside from the fact that they have different buttons, and one says “Xbox Live”

The PS3 version reportedly drops frames (i.e. lags) on certain stages (Asgard) and when doing certain things. I myself have never noticed it, but it’s a pretty prevalent complaint.

Apparently, the xbox version doesn’t drop frames as much (something along those lines)

I wouldn’t know. PS3 is all I play MvC3 on :lol:

if you use the search bar you can find plenty of links where you can find discussions about this, its been talked about extensively
Plz dont turn this thread into another PS3 vs Xbox out of just plain lazyness
Keep the discussion on topic

Coming from a time when the console port was a completely different game than the arcade version, I am not really concerned if one version of the game has a different sound effect or shade of color in the backround, or even one frame of slowdown during supers. Not saying it doesn’t matter, but it’s not a priority for most people.

From the 3SO thread. Might help put things in perspective.

it seems they are testing bluetooth/wireless controller lag, and not the usb lag, which was already confirmed to be 2 frames more than 360’s usb

Yeah, all I play on at home is the PS3, but every time I go to someone else’s house or I go to a tournament, it’s always on the 360.

It almost always takes about half an hour for me to adjust to the differences. To be honest, though, I’m not sure if it’s the system that’s giving me the most trouble, or the Mad Catz pads. Could be both - even though I have a PS3 Brawl pad and a 360 Brawl pad, they feel about as different as night and day.

i was completely unaware

On Xbox360 tournaments, I usually see people constantly restarting the consoles because people aren’t assigned to the correct controllers. Is this typical? Or is just due to unfamiliarity?

I typically prefer PS3 (biased), although I do notice the issues. My first match in EVO had a huge freeze duing Chris’ grenade launcher super which lasted like 5 seconds. The African American fellow behind us watching the match hilariously exclaimed “Why we still running this tournament on this shitty system.” I just like how for the PS3, you can just plug it in, set your controller number and go with it. Seems convenient.

of course you can say which port is superior. It’s like saying you can’t say which port of mvc2 is superior, dreamcast or ps2.

on xbox you just plug your controller in and play. no assigning numbers. if you are a douche who insists he sits on the side of the screen he starts on, you physically stand up and switch spots with the other guy.

PS3 version has massive slowdown problems. ie. any time you combo someone and their Sentinel assist at the same time, the game will start to stutter - no matter which stage. God help you if you need your own Sentinel assist to extend your happy birthday combo. Danger Room is definitely better for these types of things, and Asgard is definitely worse, but it will always happen.

when I was watching him play, Nos99 eventually stopped doing all his crazy MODOK touch of death combos and switched to real basic ABCS, spike, OTG super nonsense, leaving huge amounts of damage & meter building on the table because using cubes + Sentinel assist tanked the framerate so bad.

360 should be the tournament standard. next version of PS3 MvC3 either needs a huge amount of optimization to the engine itself, or they need to switch to lower resolution textures & lower poly count characters. frame rates tanking in a fighting game like this is completely unacceptable, especially when a more-playable version of the game exists… but by no means is the 360 perfect, either. You can get it to slow down in similar situations (happy birthday on point + Sentinel on Asgard), its just less common and moderately less severe when it does happen.

Exactly. Those extra 2 frames per second, while not seeming like much, make a WORLD of difference in how a fighting game is played.

I can’t say that I could agree here. Switching around controllers in 360 does take more time, and if someone does one too many accidents in the 360’s retarded interface (which is bound to happen to those less familiar with it), it makes a mess that takes 1-2 minutes to clean up.

I’m sure that it’s reasons like these that made EVO run games on PS3 instead: it will save time from the interface and more into the action. I mean, just look at how hot-headed UltraDave was getting when players were taking just a second longer on the button checks. If it were on the 360, he would lose his mind.

Yes, exactly. These reasons and more are why the PS3 cannot handle fighting games like MVC effectively. And yes, the 360 should be the standard. But we can’t expect this if comp gamers don’t approach this issue with tourney holders. Only then can we get the real ‘MAHVEL’ experience.

damn I didn’t know there was extra input lag on PS3… yes that makes a huge difference.

the big issues with the Xbox interface happen when somebody goes back to the title screen for whatever reason, and then the player that isn’t signed in hits start. That takes forever to work through - you have to press through all the “Play without saving?” bullshit, then exit out the main menu, and then the person who is signed in has to press start.
If you just leave things alone and only swap out sticks using the two ports on the front of the machine, without leaving Versus mode, you can run a 360 setup very smoothly. Wireless controllers can mess things up, though, just like they can on the PS3.

iirc Evo runs on PS3 because they got a deal from Sony way back when the PS3 first came out, so they got a bunch of cheap consoles that they’ve been running ever since then. Things could have easily gone the other way because there were no console exclusives to consider at the time (again, iirc). Replacing dozens of setups even with cheap new Xbox pricing ain’t exactly cheap… even though it makes sense, because the 360 just seems to have the bigger audience overall anyway.

One thing I’ve been meaning to test is to see if there is any performance difference between a fat PS3 and a slim one. The old ones could possibly be slower and have more slowdown issues.

Give me the option to turn shadows off and most problems are solved.

Capcom addressed their desire to make both versions of their game as close to each other as possible during the SFxT panel.

There was also a big PS3 exclusive that kinda forced EVO’s hand back in the day, called Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection…