Console Combat's April Annihilation! - SSFIV, MVC3, AH3 - Cleveland, OH - April 17th


Console Combat’s 2nd big one is just around the corner with April Annihilation!
(Check out for more details on what we do and how we run things)

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McCarthy’s Downtown
1231 Main Avenue
Cleveland, OH, 44113
216 344-9099
Need Directions?

April 17, 2011 @ 12pm EST.


Venue Fee will be $10, however this fee will be waived if you bring either setups:
[]A TV, Xbox 360 system w/ Marvel vs Capcom 3
]A TV, Xbox 360 system w/ Super Street Fighter IV
[*]A TV, Playstation3 system w/ Arcana Heart 3

MAIN EVENT GAMES (Tournament Schedule TBA):
[]Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (XBOX 360) - $10
]Super Street Fighter IV (XBOX 360) - $15
[*]Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) - $10



General Rules:
-Tournament matches consist of FT2 (Best 2 out of 3)
-Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals FT3 (Best 3 out of 5)
-Character Lock: Winners cannot switch, losers may.
-Turbo/Macro Commands are illegal.
-Button mapping is legal.
-If a player pauses during a match, it’s the opposing player’s decision on whether to take the round by default or just let it rock.

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Time: 99 Seconds
Damage: Normal
No Character Bans.
Winner cannot change assists or characters.
Loser may do either or both.

Super Street Fighter IV
Time: 99 Seconds
Winner may switch Ultra, but cannot change character.
Loser may do either or both.

Arcana Heart 3
Everything set to default.
Winner cannot change character or arcana.
Loser may do either or both.
Animated Sidebars: On.

Side Tournaments are currently TBD.
We will have to run them after the main event games are finished to ensure that we go through our first priorities as quickly as possible. Please contact Matt (PLAYING TO W1N) or Manny (Pijaibros) for more information.

Fuck yeah, we have food.
McCarthy’s Downtown has a menu that ranges from sandwiches to subs and everything beyond and in between. Beer and other alcoholic beverages at competitive prices.


Planning on sticking around Cleveland for an extra month just to provide media coverage of it. Shit’s gonna be HUGE!

Will be working with Matt and McCarthy’s on getting an internet pipe back, but at the very least all main matches will be recorded in HD with player cams and brackets.


I can probably provide one maybe 2 people a couch to sleep on and within 10 minutes of McCarthy’s. Count me in as well for an arcana setup.