Console dilemma (PS family)

I’m debating on my future purchases. I am going to buy a laptop for sure (for my masters degree in nuclear engineering).
Even though I have not played video games very much, I still have the itch for it.
I am deciding whether I should get a vita, ps3, or wait for a ps4. I dont really play many games (not much of FPSs or JRPGs). I only play tekken at a reasonable level of seriousness. I would consider to be right in the middle, in terms of proper play BUT i don’t study frame data or travel to tournaments.
PS vita:

  • seems like a viable option, since I will turn to video games as an alternative way to kill time besides Work/School, working out, watching tv, and such.
  • Not even sure if Tekken Tag 2 is coming for it, I dont like Mortal Kombat 9 enough to buy a ps vita for it, (Tekken 6 or Tekken 5 dr seems super dated).
  • portability is a huge factor
  • its about to lose support soon. Its going to feel like a weird time-warm up (comparable to buying an SNES or an OG gameboy in time of the psx and N64).
  • It might be too much system for me at the moment (time-wise), but I’ll have tekken tag 2 (i love ghost battles, but I got traumatized by awful Tekken 6 online).
  • Ill have substantially more money to play with, if I really want it.
  • I’m not too sure about backwards compatibility (since I havent really read much about it). Tekken is my main system pusher.
  • seems super dated. Tekken 6 looks like shit on it (imo).
    *portability will be a huge factor.

ROFL, masters degree in nuclear engineering, has trouble deciding on what console to buy.

How about you just focus on your masters…

Calling bullshit on this whole thing.

lmao kid just sent me a PM. I stand by what I wrote!