Console Gaming Center

Hi, i live in the Dominican Republic and i am planning to setup a Gaming center in about 2 to 3 months from now. I have decided to have a mix of consoles (PS3/XBOX/Wii) and Computer Based Games. When I was searching for software to control the center to reduce the manual interference, I found

It would be of great help if the pros and cons of using Smartlaunch can be shared. Also, I would like to know if there are any other products other than Smartlaunch to accomplish this or Tutorial.


I do not know much about Smartlaunch. It appears this is commercial/ industrial grade stuff, so A it not be cheap and B do not expect it to be an easy install. I could be wrong here. You could always get a HDMI switcher for the PS3, Xbox 360 and what ever additional HD devices you might have. As for the Wii, you can hook it up to Component video, or there a decent 3rd party vgacable for it.

This has nothing to do with smartlaunch. At all. Smartlaunch is for managing peoples funds / available time on the computer, and for managing games (licenses, save files / configs, etc). It doesn’t have a ton of integration with consoles though - you aren’t going to be forcing people off the console with the software. You can still manage their time with smartlaunch though.

Yeah, I’ve never been to a console LAN center, dunno how they integrate time, maybe set up wireless switches that turn off the system/TV, dunno.

Hence why i stated first I know nothing about smart launch, its the first I heard of it. I understood it as Patriarka doing a multi console setup to one big monitor. If you want to manage how much time people play, you can do that with a light timer.

Thanks guys for your coments, yes i wanna manage how much time people play and wanna do the same as the cyber caffe does with the pcs. I mean if you want to play for an hour the time star runing and when it finish the screen get turned off or whatever in order to be unable to play i dont know if you get me. And im planing to have one monitor or TV for each console.

Might want to do a lot of digging on how successful those gaming cafes are in your area. Here in the U.S. they pop up all the time, and then close down immediately. They have a high rate of failure.

Oh your doing a Gaming cafe, #1 key is security of your equipment. Make sure you stuff is secure and unable to be taken away.

Yes I see how Smartlaunch would work now.

Thanks for the tips guys, yeah thats what im thinking to do a Gaming Cafe is just i didnt know how to say it. And yes it would be successfull here cause not every single person who wants a Console have it they are so expensive and most of the people who has it dont have an Internet conexion to play online, im not saying in the U.S.A. they are not expensive but are easer to get than here if you know what i mean.