Console is not the death of Arcades... here is why

consoles didnt kill the arcades… i hate when ppl say “oh well why go to the arcade when i have the game at home” bullshit… when street fighter 2 and mortal kombat and killer instinct and other games was in the arcades we still went right home and played the same games we spent quaters on. its nuffin like being face to face wit comp and rushing to the change machine before the countdown hit 0.

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the fuck you mean?

Console is the death of arcades here is why:


Well there are still arcades…but the classic coin-op is basically extinct.

There are no more arcades because nobody wants to buy good games. It’s the year 2011 and the only arcade machines I see nowadays are Big Buck Hunt, Cruisin’ World and Tekken 5

excatly… its all redemption games… (ticket games) its fucking crazy. think about it… what if Dave n Busters had fighting games and held tournies… that shit would be fucking crazy

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how old are you guys???

uh…no just no.

SNES fighting games =/= arcade counterparts


I don’t think OP understands the way of how business works.

When your only methods of playing a game you would really want to play is Arcade only, of course it will last. However there are some games you just can’t replicate from the Arcade experience that you can do at home (this is why most rail shooters and music games still do really well at Arcades).

For the most part, when a game is advertise as something like…

Ah fuck it, there’s no need to waste my time with this.
Ever had a conversation with, ya’ know, ANYONE about this subject? Everyone I know would go about the lines of saying something like “I’ll wait until it hits consoles” even though those people might live less than 15 minutes away from an Arcade.

i dont think yall understanding my point


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yall must of been going to arcades post mvc2

Well make it more clear then.

People played in arcades because there wasnt a perfect arcade port of a game on console. ever played ST on PSX? Any of the vs. series on PSX? People couldn’t get arcade ports on popular console (before DC). Either hardware wasnt up to date or companies didnt care.

People are less inclined to vist an arcade now when you can play the exact version at home? Face to face comp? call some friends over.

Better console hardware played a big hand in the decline of FGs in arcade. Especially when you can get top of the line dual-mod arcade stick for <$200. why drive somewhere when you can have the exact same experience at home?

whats the point of this thread anyway?