Console Questions

I was just woundering the console how i would do two lp or lk in a row , after i do the first one it automatically turns into a mp or mk. I’m playing a ps2 with controller if thats any help.

you can’t do 2 lp’s or lk’s in a row and have it combo. It’s possible but only for certain characters who have their short moves fast. For example, with storm since her LP is so quick & fast you can do launch, LP, very slight pause, LP, very slight pause, LP, LA XX LS. (aka the 3 LP combo).

Captain America has a 3 LP combo too with a very slight pause in between just like storm’s and he can make a double-jump combo outta it

Random, but Morrigan can combo two standing light punches. LP, incredibly slight pause, LP. Almost completely useless.

press lp, then pause then press lp again. if a mp comes out, then pause for a longer amount of time

I love to do the infinite in the air with storm when I have the doom assist.

                          standing lp(+doom AAA) xx fly lp (up), lp, lp, lp....air throw 

rush > dash up <
crouching lk,(doom AAA) xx fly lp (up)

If you have unfly you can unfly lk, lk, LAx2 super im pretty sure, ive haven’t tried this infinite after I got unfly down with I.M./Sent, but it would make sense that you could.

u can’t do the unfly infinite with storm, like how u do it with sent and ironman cuz storm’s fly animation is too long, like u would need an assist to combo into it but u can only use an assist once

You can chain just timed jabs while flying on the way up. Positioning is hard, but it can be done.

Im saying just one unfly at the end, with a quick AD lk,lk,LAx2xxLS right after it. Im nowhere near marvel so I cant try it. >.<

Yeah, you can only link, you can’t chain…

yeah sorry about that i meant to type “Can’t” but i typed “can” instead.

the unfly and fly animation has to be realy fast for a character to do unfly. storm’s animation is too long cuz she twirls around in a circle before she flys and i dont think u can cancel it the same way u can cancel sentinels fly animation.

maybe if ur already in fly mode and u do a vertical typhoon and then u unfly and dash up and do lk lk la xx ls that would constitute an unfly combo

if ur already in fly mode and u call capcom and it hits sent and sent ends up right beside u in the air u could probably do the fly infinite [lp, lp , lp etc.] for like 20-30 hits. u could probably only combo into it with assists like.

{call ironman assist], c.lp xx fly, sj.lp sj.lp sj.lp etc.
or maybe for unfly
{call ironman assist], c.lp xx fly, vertical typhoon, unfly, la upwards xx ls. lol i dont know

Ive used dooms assist, it works pretty well cause of the way the rocks pops them up.Just cancel to fly like its part of the combo and let the rocks continue the chain, when they pop up you are already in the air waiting for the first jab. You can chain it untill you get too high, once they leave the screen, the timing for the jabs doesnt coencide with the timing for them coming back onscreen, like the IM inf. does.

a lot of characters can do two in that sense…

ruby heart has an infinite on sentinel / juggernaut that is almost entirely low kick

Ive been messing with Ruby alot lately actually, you should post the combo you speak of, if it isnt to much trouble.

jumping low kicks for life…

it’s in one of the meikiyousisui videos i think.

Meik’sou 11 vid

It ain’t an infinite - its just doing Lk to juggle after sj Hk, land and juggle for few hits land juggle again.

iirc, however, somebody relaunched into more hits and made an infinite, which is why i said “almost entirely low kicks”

Well post it up then and stop being vague - until then it ain’t an infinite

i thought it was easily implied by my post that i don’t know about who did it… i just heard that somebody did do it… i’m not sure, but i’m pretty confident that somebody did it… ask mike z?