Console Tournaments and the HD Era

Street Fighter 4 is probably going to be our biggest game at our ranbats this year and there are some concerns about the HD aspect.

What displays are tournament organisers using for the game? What will Evo use? CRT’s are obviously the lagless solution… we could get over the graphics factor, but a lot of people are put off by the way everything is squished in from non widescreen. If we were to use HD monitors our best bet would be to locate some 22-24 inch monitors that are native 720p to prevent lag introduced by scaling, as that is Street Fighter IVs native res.

In addition to that, what are people using to record their HD footage if they are indeed going that route? We’ve traditionally been recording our footage on CRTs that output to DVD recorders. HDMI being copy protected introduces a lot of pain, and most of our games are on PS3 so that’s pretty much what we are using.

These issues are pretty important, because we’re looking at turning our ranbats into a nice annual event, and having displays with even slight lag compared with the few arcade machines around is not on.

I suprised that there is no knowledge base on SRK for this sort of thing… yeah, I’ve seen the poonages latest take on the HDTV lag thread, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of technical talk regarding what tournaments use. I not the most experienced with this, but I might try my hand at writing up a guide once I have it all figured out.

It’s all about how much you want to spend.

Wait on 4:3 tv’s the image is squished?

Does not look like that to me.

Not all HDMI signals have HDCP DRM.

I doubt the 360 blocks recording with HDMI.

For recording get a Black Magic Card.

Sorry, I just checked you’re right. They actually add in the complete widescreen image and instead of having black bars or some such nonsense they add more of the vertical viewing field. The HUD does look a little bit squished though which is probably where the initial impression came from.

Cheers for this. So if a TV port has a second HDMI port that would simply act as an output for this?

You could get this hauppauge hd-pvr recorder to record in HD. Nice thing about it is that you don’t have any issues with hdcp since its using component. Also its better than a capture card since you don’t have to lug around a desktop. Just get a medium laptop with decent specs to run it. Here’s the link for it.

That sounds really good. Has anybody used this product and can vouch for it?

Also is that just connected to your laptop via a USB 2 connection? I have to wonder whether a dual core will be able to handle the bit rate of the AVCHD format.

you’re still going to be lugging around a computer and HD footage takes up more space than SD footage. So you won’t be able to record too much on a laptop (unless you bring with you 4 external harddrives). so you might as well (if recording in HD) bring a desktop anyway so you’ll potentially have more harddrive space to save your recorded matches on.