Console vs PC differences - Am I going insane?

Before I mention what is wrong between the console and PC version of Arcade Edition (and yes, something is definitely wrong), i should say there is also something wrong when switching back to the ‘Super’ version on console.

I’ve owned SSF4 on PS3 since it was released. I bought Arcade Edition as a PSN download as soon as it was released. This made some changes to the old characters as well as adding four new ones. Now i’ll explain the problem,

One of the first things I noticed with AE on console was that C.Viper’s heavy Thunder Knuckle could no longer be used twice in a row (where you use it and then use it again before the opponent even hits the ground - a two-hit combo to put it simply). In AE this doesn’t work because the heavy Thunder Knuckle pushes the opponent too far away instead of sending them pretty much straight up in the air (I assume this was one of the listed changes for Arcade Edition?).

Anyway, after a while I decided to go back to the ‘Super’ version of the game as i wanted to check some other changes I had noticed to make sure I wasn’t going mad - I assumed switching the game back to ‘Super’ mode would change all the characters to how they were before AE, but this does not seem to happen - when i switched back to ‘Super’ Viper’s heavy Thunder Knuckle still couldn’t be used twice in a row (it was keeping the AE changes). This made me wonder what the point of having the Super version was.

So that’s the first problem, and here’s the second one,

I’ve just bought the PC version of the Arcade Edition from Steam and would you believe it - Viper’s heavy Thunder Knuckle CAN be used twice in a row again, even though it can’t be on the console version of the same game! It’s as if the PC is running the old Super Street Fighter 4 version of the game (without AE character changes) but obviously it does have the four new characters added.

Could anyone else confirm either of these problems please? Because i feel like i’m going mad - i haven’t noticed any threads specifically about this.

There are other character changes of course - it’s not just Viper’s heavy Thunder Knuckle, but i decided to focus on that move as it’s a pretty clear change and it’s easy to confirm (one way or the other).

Thanks for reading.

This still works…

Thanks for the reply.

If this is true then something has gone badly wrong with my version on PS3 - it definitely doesn’t work for me anymore (on console at least).

One of the other more notable changes is that Chun-Li’s walking speed is faster in my Arcade Edition on PS3 (after the AE update), but on the PC version her speed is back to normal. Did this change happen in your game?

Vipers hp Thunder Knuckle can still hit twice. Chun’s walk speed hasn’t changed as far as I can tell. I play on PS3. You’re going insane. That or you’re playing online and dealing with lag.

The timing for that combo is most likely different for the PS3 and PC versions. Are you sure you’re not just missing the link? I/my friend had similar timing issues when playing the PC version for the first time.


I am definitely not having timing problems, and it’s actually the PC version where the Viper combo still works. Plus it isn’t lag because these issues are all in Vs mode. I think there is something wrong with my PS3 version.

The only thing i can think of it the AE download - i paid for and downloaded the AE update that they wanted money for, but i didn’t download the free AE update that is available separately on PSN. Maybe i have to download that as well, although if that’s the case it should’ve done it automatically as a patch.

Either way it seems my game is messed up in it’s current state, as nobody has noticed the same character changes.

Thanks again.

I don’t see how something could have “gone wrong” with your PS3 version of the game that would break the ability to juggle with fierce TK.

I hope you’re hitting them with Thunder Knuckle while they’re in the air.

If you want to test your hypothesis, test a more obvious AE-only change, like Seth’s j.HP.

EDIT: Also, video proof of double knuckle being doable in AE: