Console Warzone Online Tournaments, Live Event & Gaming Blog

Hey guys, Deluxe here again. I don’t know if this is the right section for this or if I can actually post it but if not let me know. I basically just wanted to give everyone a little heads up about my gaming organization Console Warzone.

I started doing this thing about a year ago with SF4 events in NJ. To this day, I am still running events in NJ for SSF4 and also other games coming up at the end of the year that are not in the fighting genre.

I am also going to be running online tournaments for those who cannot make it out to LAN events. I have partners with Galaxy4Gamers who will be going through a re-design soon to clean up their site. If you remember G4G was an offical sponsor of EVO.

Anyway, my website is a place where gamers can go for general gaming news and blogs by yours truely. It will also host my live streams for online tournaments and give players info about upcoming events.

Please check me out and spread the word that CW is here to stay and will do whatever it takes to make competitive gaming looked at in a whole new way. Follow me on my Twitter also!