Console Warzone SF4 Launch Tourney Mahwah, NJ 8/2/09

Hello my name is Chris. On August 2nd I will be running a Street Fighter 4 Tournament in Mahwah, NJ at the Courtyard Marriott. This is a very nice venue with a nice sized meeting room.

This will be Double Elimination played on Xbox 360’s. There is a $10 Venue Fee as well as $10 Entry Fee to the tournament. The players will get the ENTIRE entry fee prize pool in a 70/20/10 format.

On top of that we will be having a raffle for a Madcatz Street Fighter Fight Stick SE Version!!! Each competitor and spectator will receive (1) raffle ticket upon entry into the venue. Additional tickets can be purchased for $2 each or 3 for $5.

I know it’s not a TE but an $80 stick is a pretty good giveaway with your tournament fee. Plus you can easily mod it with Sanwa.



Sunday , August 2nd, 2009


Sign-ups start at 10am, Tournament will start at 11am


Courtyard Marriott Mahwah
140 Route 17 South
Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 529-5200


$10 Venue Fee (Each competitor will receive a raffle ticket for the prize raffle to be held at the event)
$10 Entry Fee ($10 from each player will go towards the cash prize)

$2 Spectator Fee (Each Spectator will receive a raffle ticket for the prize raffle to be held at the event)


Games to be played on Xbox 360’s
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Games
99 Seconds
Double Elimination
Default Health and Handicap
Loser Final, Winner Final and Grand Final will be 3/5 Rounds and 2/3 Games


  • This is BYOC (Bring your own controller) or Bring your own stick. We will not provide pads or sticks. Wired pads and sticks only!
  • $10 Venue Fee, $10 Tournament Fee
  • No characters are banned
  • Prize pool will be 70/20/10
  • All stations will be Xbox 360, it is the players responsibility to bring the appropriate adapters
  • Winner must keep the same character, loser may change
  • Players may agree on stage select, if not, it goes to random select
  • Double Blind pick will be available if requested
  • Any type of threats or violence in the venue will not be tolerated and security will remove you
  • Game pausing will be dealt with on a per instance basis…ultimately I have the final decision
  • The hotel does not allow outside food or drink in the event room, there will be a place to get snacks and drinks inside
  • Hardware macros, turbo, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden
  • I will be supervising the tournament and running the bracket, but, the winning player should also report to me the outcome of the match
  • You may change button configuration however you like, but, LP,MP,HP & LK,MK,HK will be the only button binding allowed.
  • Violating any of these rules may result in a DQ depending on the circumstance, please, read the rules so everyone is clear

----- Sign up in this post or by e-mailing


  1. Ohmz
  2. Tenzo Suija (NY)
  3. Gun Blade (NY)
  4. Skrface13
  5. Etown
  6. PHATAL PHD - Phil - PA
  7. Mistahj831
  8. Infinite??
  9. Chulak +3
  10. LP4Life
  11. Dayasha

I’m in there

Just letting everyone know that the raffle prize will be announced soon. I’m trying to get something good that all SF fans can enjoy.

Well it turns out that this tournament could turn into a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly thing depending on the amount of interest this thing generates. More games will be added as interest grows for future events so if you want to see SF4 and other games in the NJ stick around support this and all other NJ tournaments.

The tournament will be run on multiple LCD’s, none above 5ms response time.

Well now that everyone has seen how big Street Fighter 4 is by watching EVO we need to keep this thing going. Support your locals. Anyone in NY/NJ that wants to come down on Aug. 2nd would be great so this thing can grow.

Like I said I am looking to add more games and also turn this into a regular thing but that cannot happen if the people don’t want it.


if the tourney in Easton gets pushed back, ima try and make it out to this.

ill be there!

will be attending with at least 1 other competitor and a few spectators!:arazz:


think i faced you today.
fisch354 / gouken. gg

i wanna start coming to some tournaments.
if i can get my friend to come i’m down.

hmm possibly, my bro remembers playing 2 goukens, was it against a seth or a zangief?

no idea.
just remember seeing etown and thinking elizabeth

Okay so on top of the cash prize we are offering for this event, we will now be holding a raffle for a SF4 Madcatz SE stick. Each competitor and spectator will receive one raffle ticket upon entry into the venue with the option to purchase more.

So everyone come down for a chance to win cash if you’re good…and a stick if you’re lucky.

can you sign me up?
i think the cyberdome tourney is going to get pushed back, so ill come out to this one instead.

if anything changes, ill let you know.


I am in on that!


wheres the sticky for this tourney???:wgrin:

i think ill try n make it to this

I’ve been trying to get a sticky but no luck yet.

Here’s a pic of the SE stick I just got in the mail today that will go to the raffle winner.

These sticks are really easy to mod. You can buy all Sanwa parts for about $40-45 and have a full Sanwa stick if you like.

nice man, im sure that stick will get ppl hungry.
I would love to get a 2nd one myself

theres that glorious sticky!!