Console Warzone SSF4 - North Arlington ,NJ - 7/31/10

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting another CW event. This was the first time at this new venue and I’d say it went pretty well. Big thanks to Jaxel and company for coming by last minute and streaming this event.

We will continue to run future events at this venue but I will need some feedback on what the players want to see. I am down for adding more games, other events, etc. I will make a poll or something so watch out for that.

I am also hosting an Xbox Live tournament this Thursday for which will be streamed. Please check that thread out as G4G is giving away $20.

Thanks again everyone, here are the results:

SSF4 Singles (30 Entrants)

  1. FYC MarlinPie (Cammy, Viper)
  2. SKM (Honda)
  3. Bob Saget (Random, Abel?)
  5. Frantastic
  6. PTO
  7. Demon Eyes
  8. Philanthropy
  9. Spank
  10. Herokiller
  11. Rick
  12. FNEX Raven
  13. FNEX Dayasha
  14. Sledge
  15. FNEX DK
  16. WetBucket
  17. Draxblood
  18. Dizzy
  19. JetSetZombie
  20. Dr.Shadow
  21. Serge.EXE
  22. Jaxel
  23. Cataract
  24. Wingspan
  25. LFlako
  26. Sid
  27. Danku
  28. Jon2055
  29. Gomez
  30. Leader G Fox

The venue was nice and a bigger turnout than I had expected. I’ll see you guys at the next console warzone.

shout outs to deluxe for hosting a killer tourney
shout outs to jaxel for coming through with the stream
shout outs to dick tracy on the xbox in the corner

Marlin Pie’s wakeup game is semi-broken.

marlinpie’s wakeup game is magically delicious like a box of lucky charms

Didn’t do anywhere near as good as I’d have hoped, but I had a great damn time. Looking forward to the next one.

are these matches posted somewhere? I remember looking the day after on ustream but they werent there.

No, Jaxel does not record anymore while streaming.