Console Warzone Street Fighter 4 Tournament Results w/ video - Nanuet, NY - 9/5/09

So here we go. This was the 2nd Console Warzone Street Fighter tournament, but it was the 1st of our bi-weekly series at Toy Wiz in Nanuet, NY. I will be honest and say the turnout was not good and a lot of people who were supposed to show did not.

That being said…this will not stop me! I am determined to get the SF4 community in NY/NJ remember the name Console Warzone for putting on great tournaments that are run well, with great players and with a great setup.

I would like to thank the players that did come and played even with the small turnout.

Below are the results of the tournament as well as some Youtube videos of the event. Please subscribe to my channel and please, if you love SF4, check out my upcoming event on September 26th in Stony Point, NY.

Results (6 Entries, Winner Take All)

  1. Peter “PTO” - Balrog $60 + 1993 1st Issue Street Fighter Comic
  2. Mike Infinite - Seth, Balrog
  3. The Realyst - Blanka, Bison
  4. LP4Life - Geif, Seth
  5. xxxEtown - Geif
  6. MistahJ - Cammy


ToyWiz Setup Video - Pre-Tournament


Round 1

Mike Infinite VS The Realyst




Round 2

xxxEtown VS The Realyst


Peter “PTO” VS MistahJ


Losers Round 2

Mike Infinite VS MistahJ


xxxEtown VS LP4LIFE


Losers Round 3

Mike Infinite VS LP4LIFE


Winners Final

Peter “PTO” VS The Realyst


Removed: Video too long for Youtube.

Loser Final

Mike Infinite VS The Realyst


Removed: Video too long for Youtube.

Grand Final

Mike Infinite VS Peter “PTO”


NOTE TO ANYONE RUNNING A TOURNAMENT: I use Xbox 360’s for my tournaments because I believe they are better overall to deal with and much easier. Provided you have a memory unit, you can create a new profile, unlock all the characters on (1) console and then use that memory card to transfer the profile to every 360 you have.

This will unlock all characters on all consoles without having to play through the game more than once. I don’t think ps3 has this feature. If this is common knowledge then so be it, just though I would share this if people needed to know.

Apparently a couple of the videos got deleted because they were too long and I didn’t want to break it down into 2 parts. My bad.

Nice small tourney :slight_smile:
The videos were great too.