Consoles of choice for fighters fans

Ok i decided to make this thread since SFIV is multiplatform and seeing that tekken 6 is no longer exclusive cause namco wanted to “reach out to a bigger audience” (aka want more money)

anyways as it is going now i can see many future fighting games going multiplatform (cap vs tat, Blaz Blue, Kof12 or was it 13?? iono too many fucking kofs!!SSF2T:HD ReMIX)
as we all are fans of fighting games what console would u prefer to play your future fighting games on? Please keep your arguments at a minimum its not a console war thread.

please dont say PC we know its great with ggpo and mame and null dc and sttuff but its free!and not really proving a point cause everybody has it and use it.

i would go with the ps3 although i own both consoles(has 360 just for its exclusives)

  1. Im assuming when playing people online there be a better challenge cause the 360 usually attracts fps most of the time and so for everything else is ps3. online and data transfer is really easy just incase i go to my friends house . i could just use my flash drive to save my game files instead of carrying the 360 hd with me. for custom characters or something like that.

  1. Joysticks. Ps2 wide selection on joystick making it possible to play on ps3 with a simple 12 dollar converter from radio shack. so friends who come over can bring their own stick cause people only like to wiggle their own sticks right?

wow how many times has this thread existed?

BUT!! LOOK!! its has a poll! So its an effective thread with results!!

These threads need to be banned from this forum.

In fact it’s so effective that I think the results are gonna end up with you not ‘striving for the best!’ anymore!

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The last one had a poll too… and almost the same title (I mention that for searching purposes, get it).

you have “mugen” in your username

For me, your reasoning leads to pc. Even without that, I would have preferred a none of the above option.

Making another console wars thread: -60 man points
Having “mugen” in your username: -180 man points

Look man, I just tallied your scores and… you’re losing.

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