Consolidated Gouken Arcade Edition Changes: Updated as needed

Confirmed changes only-


nj.hp and both knock airborne (and ONLY airborne) opponents down instead of a soft reset. The knockdown is techable. changed to 3 frame start up -> cr.hp now links -> now links (first hit) can be cancelled into air tatsu - [media=youtube]mF8pSV9BsKI#t=1m56s"[/media]
dj.HK can now followup a dj.MP - [media=youtube]mF8pSV9BsKI#t=1m20s"[/media]

*You cannot hit confirm with multiple light attacks into any special move


Backthrow now counts as a single hit in the combo counter and for purposes of damage scaling. Backthrow + a st.HP will show up as a two hit combo. This is a significant change as Backthrow into Ultra is now scaled down to 80% of its damage

[media=youtube]mF8pSV9BsKI#t=1m56s"[/media] - That is not the 2 hit, rather the 1 hit cancelled into air tatsu (2 hits + backthrow counting as 1)

Upon landing a backthrow the opponent will suffer a pixel of grey damage

Special Moves

Kongoshin (counter)

This move is now done only with the punch buttons.

HP: Counters airborne attacks
MP: Old “punch” Kongo
LP: Old “kick” Kongo
EX: Encompasses all three counters

Senkugoshoha (Face Palm)

LP.Palm has been changed to travel no distance. Instead it now will combo off a light attack due to how fast it starts up. Appears to be safe on block and will stop crouch techers.

MP. Palm, HP.Palm, and EX.Palm all appear unchanged.

*EX palm may have some form of invincibility on start up - [media=youtube]aZnzE-8u1cE#t=8m14s"[/media] - needs further testing

Tatsumaki Gorasen (Hurricane kick)

EX Tatsu “sucks” in the opponent, guaranteeing all hits. It also has gained armor breaking abilities.

LK.Tatsu, MK.Tatsu, and HK.Tatsu remain unchanged

Air Tatsu can now be comboed into from a (first hit) - [media=youtube]mF8pSV9BsKI#t=1m56s"[/media]

*An indirect buff to this move is the fact that Kongo can no longer be done with kicks, thus guaranteeing that when you do a tatsu from a blocking position you will always get tatsu instead of a counter.

Hyakki Shu (Demon/Gouken Flip)

Air Parry had the recovery significantly reduced

After looking at a few vids. I saw that j. hk isn’t an untech like we previously thought. :frowning: Maybe it has different properties if it’s used as a juggle. I’m not sure, some one will have to test it out.


Yeah, I have NJ.HP and DJ.Hk listed as techable. If you think back to what has been said of these moves so far it all points towards techable. Remember the japanese translation was that it was a “soft” slam and everyone was like huh?

I figure soft slam = techable. I’ll try to get it tested tonight, even if it means not actually getting to play for real.

Good stuff man.

Looking at that vid. Makoto teched and woke up right when Gouken was hitting the ground. I’m pretty sure the situations vary, but it looks like we will need to be careful of how we use it.

If you get a chance to test, that would be huge.

Nice loving this thread will be checking back in here on a daily basis. Im still salty about not getting overhead dive kick back. I will miss u forever lol.

Quick palm has me interested in whether or not we can get more out of Denjin. That thing comes out remarkably fast. It might let us squeeze out one more hit out of Denjin from FADC hopefully (crosses fingers). The air mp to hurricane kick is neat too but as far as I’m concerned air counter means more damage and not enough time to perform a decent mixup due to the air tatsu’s recovery time. Maybe we can do a jump in mp to air tatsu though. Possible crossups or something who knows. Still too early.

Any proof on EX Palm invincibility? I’m still wondering about that video against Guy, if someone could test it that would be great.

I am thinking dump and delete the Gouken consolidated videos content, and change it to AE Gouken videos… Although the AE videos are still limited…

What u guys think?

i’m kinda sad they didn’t let his ex tatsu hit crouchers :frowning: Just being able to actually EX tatsu on wakeup and FADC if they crouch and block would have improved his wakeup game a bit.

I wonder if LP.Palm makes a half almost sort of ok maybe possible wakeup option or is it still too slow to come out to matter?

i’d like that last part. I really like catching people with low to the ground air tatsu’s, but having the ability to do either a crossup type of deal off the jump mp OR big chip damage for them blocking (people seem to forget it does like 3 solid chip hits on block if you’re low enough) would definitely not hurt anything on my end :slight_smile:

Man that backthrow into ultra seems REALLLLYYY low damage compared to before :frowning: Guess it would have been ridiculous to let it do more grey damage so we could do more damage off of other moves hehe. I too miss his stupid overhead demon flip dive, i STILL don’t see why they had to take that out in the first place :frowning:

bummer j. hp/hk are techable =[

Have we seen footage where it misses yet? I’ve seen it done once where it hit a crouching Honda.


At 0:53

Should I start a separate section with things we would like tested/confirmed?

Said topic exists a few down.

EX Counter is unchanged… could be a little faster recovery than before.
So it counters everything (low,mid,high).




Sorry for the shitty quality!

It’s hits some characters low blocking animation, the problem is that that A) it does not hit them all in blocking animation and B) it whiffs on most low attack animations.

If you pause it on the EX tatsu, you’ll see the spark is basically almost over Hondas head which leads me to believe that the hitbox is unchanged on EX tatsu and that it always hit Honda if he just blocked.

I suggest someone fire up their console and try it on a blocking Honda and see what happens.

It’s a good idea but there is no telling when ae is coming out. :(. Maybe you can create an ae tab or use the reserved sections to include ae content.

Ah so thats what it was. That makes me sad, it whiffs Hondas c.jab and neutral duck, but indeed connects if you hold block :frowning:

I nearly thought we’d be allowed to be safe with 3 bars :frowning:

. . . so he’s got three different type of kongo’s now. One for low, one for standing and one for jumping. Does this mean fireballs are “in mid-air”? I say this because in the older versions we can kongo a fireball and tap kick to make him cancel into another parry (but doesn’t take in ex second hit portion of fireballs) but we could also go regular standing kongo into ex kongo to take in both hits. If the jumping kongo counter can counter fireballs that means we could alternate between high and standing . . . . and theoretically parry stuff all day and look like Daigo parrying Chun Li kicks. That would be stellar.

@bloodriotiori That low air tatsu is great because the total chip from a roundhouse version is the equivalent to getting hit AND you can’t duck it! Duck means getting hit which is even sweeter_^)