Constant disconnects with Madcatz SE

Had my Street fighter Standard edition for 2 or so years, modded it with Sanwa parts and am steadily getting more comfortable with it ( finally committed to the transition a few months ago) but tonight Ive noticed that Im being disconnected from the xbox regularly everytime i move the arcade stick - not the actual joystick. I know the early Madcatz sticks had some issues, I was wondering if anyone has run into any similar problems? I took the back of the stick and fiddled with the wire and it appears that the actual wire has a short in, right where it rests in the grove/indentation in the SE’s casing.

As it stands, im sure of what to do or if there is anything I can do. Any help would be appreciated

Happens because of always wrapping the cable around.

Thanks for the video. I dont really have access to any of those tools, which is a problem. Also, the short seems to be right where the wire rests in the case, almost inside the case…if theres a short or damaged wire, does it matter where u do the whole tinning and soldering process?

If the problem area is not removed, then disconnect will still happen.
So it does matter where the fix is done.

Do past of where the problem is.
Outside of the Case, cut anywhere past.
Remove the end connected to the inside of Case.
Solder back on the new cut end to the PCB inside Case.

So you do not have Wire Strippers?
There in video shows a No Soldering way.
There is also an additional video for No Solder.

I dont have wire strippers, but I imagine that the scissor technique will still work on the arcade stick usb? Never heard of Scotchloks, Im gna run out and try and find some. Cheers for the video