Constant IAD's on Stick

When I used a pad back in the day, IAD’s were no problem for me.

But once I switched over to stick, they suddenly became way too hard for me to do whenever I want.

Anyone here have a special trick or hand technique they use to get these out on stick easy?

IAD to the left - I use my thumb to hit :ub: and :l:

IAD to the right - press :uf: on the stick, then slap the stick :r: with the palm of my hand. Difficult to explain.

I found IAD to the left easy to do but struggled doing it to the right, until I decided to stop trying to do it with what I thought was the conventional way (pressing both directions without changing my grip too much) and starting slapping in the second direction using the palm of my hand.

Mikee hit it on the head. That’s how I do it and you’ll find that doing it this way really helps your IAD game for GG and such.

IAD whiff MK into throw is too pro for words.

Thanks Mikee_Showbiz, that was a good post indeed. You live in West London, do you by any chance go to Trocadero to play 3s?

You should come on fridays, not only is that when you get the most competition, but because the UK scene HAS NO TWELVE PLAYERS.

But we have an elena player called The Electrifying One (LOL).

But he’s shit.


Zak, you are my hero <3

That’s Zak the Oro player?

Dude you are a very good player! I was wondering if you will be playing on 2DF any time soon?