Constant throwing in ssf4 throwing off my momentum


I can’t seem to do anything to build offensive momentum by constantly teaching throws.

It throws off my game and makes me stress over my opponent getting near me. How could I deal with this better(?)


If you’re constantly teching throws, you’re probably on the defensive. Find a way to keep pressure on your opponent instead of letting them pressure you.

Since you play Balrog, try using footsies to get in and start your offense.


get on the offensive & start your rushdown.


Pressure them, as much as you can, and play the footies game like the others stated above me.


I dont understand the hate for throws. Even I have been in a situation where im in a throw loop and the only thing I end up doing is thinking how sneaky that shit is, earns my respect.

in any event, go on the offensive, crouch tech. generally speaking, this thread has good advice already, but I recommend showing us a match when you are getting thrown a lot to point out situations where it may have been obviously coming so you learn to spot them later on.

  1. offense
  2. tech throws (crouch tech, add a button in there so its not just crouching short that comes out)
  3. try to stay right out of throw range, jab walk ins
  4. jumping tick throws should be anti aired properly

sometimes when im just out of throw range, and i see someone whose tech happy ill intentionally wiff a throw to see if they try to tech it and ill punish it with a fast normal. its risky, but it works sometimes.